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Rules Chisinau International Marathon


The ”CHISINAU INTERNATIONAL MARATHON” (hereinafter referred to as “Race”) is organized by A.O. “Sporter” Sports Club in association with SIMPALS and the most popular ads board in Moldova 999.md.

A.O. ”Sporter” Sports Club aims to promote the sport and an active lifestyle among Moldovan citizens, as well as to involve the local community in promoting sports and their advantages.

The Race participants must comply with the rules and terms of the Official Race Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “Official Regulation”). The Official Regulation is accessible on www.marathon.md to all users. By accepting to participate in this Race, participants agree to comply with all the provisions, rules and conditions set forth in this Regulation.

Goals and tasks:

- promote the healthy lifestyle;

- improve participants’ sports skills;

- identify the strongest participants from the relevant categories;

- establish friendly relationships between sports amateurs and professionals.


2.1. Date and Venue of the Race

The Race will be held on Sunday, September 25, 2022, at 09:00, in Chisinau. The start and finish zone will be set in the Great National Assembly Square, according to the provisions set forth in Chapter 3 of this Regulation.


3.1. This Race is organized both for young people and adults, who will compete on the distances established by the Organizer, depending on age and level of training.

  • Marathon (42 km 195 m), only people who have reached the age of 18 before or on the race day may participate in it.

  • Half marathon (21 km 0975 m), only people who have reached the age of 18 before or on the race day may participate in it.

Exception: the persons who have reached the age of 16 until the day of the race are eligible to participate in the Race, only on condition that they are students of a sports school and only with a written consent from parents and coach.

  • 10.5 km race, only persons who have reached the age of 16 before or on the race day may participate in it.

  • 5 km race, only persons who have reached the age of 12 before or on the race day may participate, or persons from the age of 10, but under the parents’ supervision.

Persons who want to participate in the Race must access the ”Registration” page on the official website of the event www.marathon.md, before the deadline. For competitive races, the registration on the day of the event is NOT acceptable.

3.2. Competitive Races

All the competitive races are scheduled for Sunday (September 25, 2022).

Marathon - individual race for 42 km 195 m;

Half marathon - individual race for 21 km km 0975 m;

10.5 km race - individual race;

5 km race - individual race;

3.3. Children’s Races

All children’s races will be held on Saturday (September 24, 2022). The racing schedule will be published on the official website. The children’s Race Regulation is available HERE.

3.4. Race Tracks

The Race track will be bordered by fences and special markings, and will be supervised by volunteers and organizers, who will monitorize the situation at various segments of the track. Track description and map are available on the official website of the Race.

- 10 km race: Great National Assembly Square - Stefan cel Mare Av. - Ciuflea St. - Dacia Av. (to Trandafirilor St.) - Dacia Av. - Ciuflea St. - Stefan cel Mare Av. (to Toma Ciorba St.) - Stefan cel Mare Av. - Great National Assembly Square;

- Half marathon (21 km): Great National Assembly Square - Stefan cel Mare Av. - Ciuflea St. - Dacia Av. (to Trandafirilor St.) - Dacia Av. - Ciuflea St. - Stefan cel Mare Av. (to Toma Ciorba St.) - Stefan cel Mare Av. - Great National Assembly Square (2x10.5 km laps);

- Marathon (42.195 km): Great National Assembly Square - Stefan cel Mare Av. - Ciuflea St. - Dacia Av. (to Trandafirilor St.) - Dacia Av. - Ciuflea St. - Stefan cel Mare Av. (to Toma Ciorba St.) - Stefan cel Mare Av. - Great National Assembly Square (4x10.5 km laps).

3.4.1. Track Modification and Race Cancellation

In case of adverse weather conditions, the organizers reserve the right to change the track, time limits or even to stop / cancel / postpone the Race.

The participants will be informed via email and more detailed information will be available on the Race website.

3.5. Registration and Terms of Participation

3.5.1. Registration

Registration is completed online by filling out the form at www.marathon.md.

At registration, each participant will:

- declare that he / she understands and accepts the rules and conditions of participation in the ”Chisinau International Marathon”, as well as the terms of the Race Regulation.

- agree that his/ her photos and other public data, such as Race results, Race table, may be used in promotional materials, such as photos, posters, videoclips, interviews, etc.

Attention! The number of participants is limited. Number of slots available for each type of race:

- Marathon - 300 participants

- Half marathon - 600 participants

- 10.5 km race - 1000 participants

- 5 km race - 1100

Forms with incomplete fields and unpaid registration will be considered unfinished and will be canceled.

3.5.2. Terms of Participation

In order to receive the starter package, the participant must meet the following conditions:

- be at least 16 years old (participants who have not yet reached the legal age must submit a written consent from their parents and/or their coach)

- must provide confirmation of payment for participation.

- must present the identity card or, if necessary, the original birth certificate.

The organizer reserves the right to refuse to register a participant for objective reasons.

3.6. Race Kit

The race kit contains an official T-shirt, an official backpack, a BIB number with a built-in timing chip.

The kit may also include promotional materials / objects from partners.

After the crossing of the finish line, the participants, who have fallen within the time limit, will receive the medal.

3.7. Race Withdrawal 

If the participant decides to withdraw from the Race, the participation fee will NOT be refunded. In this case, we recommend to find another person to participate instead of the registered participant, with the possibility of transmitting the starter package.

3.8. Modification of Entry Data

Modification of entry data (replacement of people, collecting personal data) for marathon, half marathon, 10.5 km race and 5 km race can be made at least 14 days before the date of the event through the personal account on sporter.md. Find the ”Edit” button close to the registration field, click on it and make the changes, then click ”Save”.

When changing the distance, the participant must request the option by email at event@sporter.md. If the distance, to which the participant signs up, is longer, he/ she will have to pay the price difference (from the current price). When changing to a shorter distance, the price difference will not be refunded.

ATENTION! Those participants who registered and paid the participation fee before 1/09/2022 will get a personalized start number. It is impossible to make any changes in personal data or distance after 1/09/2022. If participant wants to change the distance after 1/09/2022, he has to make a new registration and to pay the participation fee.  

3.9. Participation Fee

Marathon (42 km 195 m):

600 MDL (≈29 EURO) - before 01.04.2022,
650MDL (≈30 EURO) – from 02.04.2022 - 01.06.2022,

700 MDL (≈35 EURO) – from 02.06.2022 - 01.08.2022,
750 MDL (≈45 EURO) – from 02.08.2022 - 01.09.2022,
800 MDL (≈55 EURO) – 02.09.2022 - 15.09.2022

900 MDL (≈55 EURO) – 16.09.2022 - 25.09.2022

Half Marathon (21,097 km):

500 MDL (≈29 EURO) – before 01.04.2022,
550 MDL (≈30 EURO) – from 02.04.2022 - 01.06.2022,

600 MDL (≈35 EURO) – from 02.06.2022 - 01.08.2022,
650 MDL (≈45 EURO) – from 02.08.2022 - 01.09.2022,
700 MDL (≈55 EURO) – 02.09.2022 - 15.09.2022

800 MDL (≈55 EURO) – 16.09.2022 - 25.09.2022

10K Race:

400 MDL (≈29 EURO) – before 01.04.2022,
450 MDL (≈30 EURO) – from 02.04.2022 - 01.06.2022,

500 MDL (≈35 EURO) – from 02.06.2022 - 01.08.2022,
550 MDL (≈45 EURO) – from 02.08.2022 - 01.09.2022,
600 MDL (≈55 EURO) – 02.09.2022 - 15.09.2022

700 MDL (≈55 EURO) – 16.09.2022 - 25.09.2022

5K Race:

400 MDL (≈29 EURO) –  before 01.04.2022,
450 MDL (≈30 EURO) – from 02.04.2022 - 01.06.2022,

500 MDL (≈35 EURO) – from 02.06.2022 - 01.08.2022,
550 MDL (≈45 EURO) – from 02.08.2022 - 01.09.2022,
600 MDL (≈55 EURO) – 02.09.2022 - 15.09.2022

700 MDL (≈55 EURO) – 16.09.2022 - 25.09.2022


300 MDL (≈10 EURO) – before 01.08.2022
400 MDL (≈15 EURO) – from 02.08.2022 - 15.09.2022
500 MDL (≈20 EURO) -  from 16.09.2022 - 25.09.2022

Regardless of registration date, the participant shall pay the actual price.

3.10. Payment Methods

3.10.1. Participation payment for natural persons:

Payment can be made online via Visa, Master or Raduga Cards; via terminals (QIWI, Run Pay, MMPS) or by cash at the Organizer’s headquarters. More details on payment methods are available on the official website of the event www.sporter.md.

3.10.2. Participation payment for legal persons:

Legal persons may pay the participation fee by bank transfer or card. In order to request a participation payment account, the legal person must register all employees who wish to participate in the Race, therefore, an online form is available on www.sporter.md, with the cash payment method included.

After all employees of the legal entity are registered in the form, an email with the company’s identification data, the list of participants and the chosen distances should be sent to event@sport.md. After the payment, the Organizer will confirm the employees registration.

3.11. Declaration of Personal Responsibility

When receiving the starter package for marathon, half marathon, 10.5 km race and 5 km race, the participant signs the Declaration of Responsibility, thus confirming his / her participation and fitness level.

In case of underage participants, this Declaration will be signed by one of the parents or another legal representative.

3.12. Race Equipment. BIB number

The BIB number is offered by the Organizer. BIB numbers (with built-in timing chips) for marathon, half marathon and 10.5 km race are included in the participant’s race kit and handed out in accordance with the previously published schedule.

The race kits will be handed out to all registered participants who do not reside in Chisinau on the race day (between 06:00-08:30).

The participant is responsible for the electronic timing chip (which is attached to the BIB number) not to be stripped off, damaged or covered by clothing.

Any participant who does not wear the BIB number on the T-shirt or wears another number instead of the one given by the organizer, will be automatically disqualified.

It is unacceptable to change, replace (in case of loss) or exchange the BIB number with other participants on the race day. These deviations lead to disqualification.

The timing system calculates each participant’s time by registering each passing through the electronic mat: at the start line, track control zones and finish line.

Attention! Participants who will not pass through all control zones will be automatically disqualified. The participant is responsible for wearing the BIB number on the T-shirt, on the front side, and not damaging the electronic chip.


According to the Resolution No. 62 of September 22, 2021 of the National Emergency Commission for Public Health, only those participants and spectators will be allowed to participate in the Chisinau International Marathon 2022, who will provide the organizers with one of the listed COVID-19 Certificates:

- Certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 with a complete vaccination schedule (paper or digital); proof of immunization is valid if at least 14 days have passed since the completion of the full vaccination schedule;

- A medical report confirming that the participant had COVID-19 in the previous period between the 15th and 180th day (6 months) or a document confirming the presence of antibodies to COVID-19; a document confirming the presence of antibodies to COVID-19 is valid for 90 days from the date of the survey;

- The result of a diagnostic test for COVID-19 (rapid test for AgSarsC-oV-2, conducted no more than 48 hours before, or PCR test for COVID-19, carried out no more than 72 hours before).

The document must be presented at registration, when issuing a start package, in order to receive a PRINT ON THE START NUMBER, which will provide access to the territory on the day of the competition.

The entrance to the Central Square, the territory of the competition, will be carried out ONLY from the side of M.G. Banulescu-Bodoni street.

Participants who do not have any of the listed documents will be able to make a FREE express test! To do this, they must inform the manager at the issuance of starter packages about the need for an express test. To make the FREE test at the INVITRO competition partner, after receiving the start package, they must fill out the epidemiological card by following the LINK.

A voucher for a FREE  express test will be issued :

- To participants of the Chisinau Marathon, older than 18.

- Coach or parent of a Chisinau Marathon participant younger than 18.

- Parents of children participating in the Kids Run Day.

ATTENTION! For spectators and fans who do not have any of the COVID-19 certificates, ENTRANCE to the competition area is FORBIDDEN!


Competitors who do not have any of the permitted COVID-19 Certificates are required to pass a rapid test to participate in the competition.

The express test can be taken for FREE on Saturday, September 24 from 10:00 to 19:00 in Central Square. The tent of the INVITRO partner for passing express tests will be located opposite the point of issuing starter packs. In order to take the FREE express test, the participant must:

- Fill out the epidemiological card on the LINK.

- Present a Voucher for a FREE test.

- Show proof of identity.



In the event of a POSITIVE RESULT of the rapid test for COVID-19 from the participant or his parent (guardian), access to the competition will be FORBIDDEN for the participant, without a refund and transfer of the registration fee.

3.13. Start - Time Limits - Reopening the Roads for Traffic

Please, get acquainted with the start time of each race on www.marathon.md.

  • Marathon time is 6 hours.

  • Half marathon time is 3 hours.

  • 10.5 km race time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  • 5 km race time is 45 minutes.

Participants who come to the finish later than the time limit, will not be included in the Race rank and will not receive the medal.

Participants, who exceed the time limit, will be warned by the technical officials and will have to go to the start/finish zone.

Attention! It is forbidden to continue the race after exceeding the time limit. After the time limit, the road traffic shall be reopened and the Organizer is no further responsible for participants’ safety.

3.14. Establishment of Results

The official ranking for marathon, half marathon, 10.5 km race and 5 km race will be determined using the chip data and will be accessible on the Race website within a maximum of 24 hours from the end of the races.

The first 3 men and the first 3 women will be awarded in the individual race.

The awarding for ABSOLUT category is made according to the GUN TIME (the time recorded from the official start till crossing the finish line).

The awarding for AGE GROUP is made according to NET TIME (the time recorded from crossing the start line till crossing the finish line).

There is no age group awarding for the 5 km race.

3.15. Disqualification 

Participants will be disqualified in the following situations:

  • Non-compliance with Organizer’s instructions regarding the mandatory equipment and non-wearing of the BIB number on the front side of the T-shirt.

  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour.

  • Non-compliance with Organizer’s or volunteers’ instructions.

  • Track shortening.

  • Usage of any transportation during the race.

  • Organizer or ambulance service considers that the participant can not continue due to an injury.

  • Exchange or loss of the BIB number.

  • Exceeding the time limits.

3.16. Contestations

Any participant may submit a complaint against other participant, who has violated the race rules, or against the technical officials’ decisions.


4.1. Titles and Prizes


Marathon (42 km 195 m)

Six awarded places: men and women, places I-VI.

Money prizes:

- 1st place - 10,000 MDL (~484 EURO)

- 2nd place - 8,000 MDL (~387 EURO)

- 3rd place - 6,500 MDL (~314 EURO)

- 4th place - 4,500 MDL (~218 EURO)

- 5th place - 3,000 MDL (~145 EURO)

- 6th place - 2,000 MDL (~110 EURO)

Half marathon (21.097 km)

Three awarded places: men and women, places I-III.

- 1st place - 5,000 MDL (~275 EURO)

- 2nd place - 3,000 MDL (~145 EURO)

- 3rd place - 2,000 MDL (~110 EURO)

Money prizes for records on the track:

- 42 km - 10,000 MDL (~484 EURO)

- 21 km - 3,000 MDL (~145 EURO)


Six awarded places: men and women, places I-III.


Six winning places: men and women, places I-III.

CATEGORY awarding for: 10 km, half marathon (21.097 km), marathon 42 km 195 m (male / female):

- aged between 14 - 19

- aged between 20 - 24

- aged between 25 - 29

- aged between 30 - 34

- aged between 35 - 39

- aged between 40 - 44

- aged between 45 - 49

- aged between 50 - 54

- aged between 55 -  59

- aged between 60 - 64

- aged between 65 - 70

- aged between 70 - 74

- aged between 75 - 79

- aged 80+

The participation certificates will be in an electronic format and will be available for download from the official website within a maximum of 2 days after the end of the race.

The ABSOLUT awarding is made according to the Gun Time, but the AGE GROUP awarding is made according to the Personal Time.

The official awards ceremony will be held in the start/ finish zone. To learn about the exact time of the awards ceremony, please refer to the official race schedule.


5.1. Administrative conditions (during races)

The ”Sporter” Sports Club is responsible for organizing the event and, if necessary, other co-organizers.

Participants, who withdraw during the Race, are required to go to the start / finish zone to notify the local track referee about it.

At the start/ finish zone, the medical staff will be available to help in case of accidents.

5.2. Exceptional administrative conditions

In case of exceptional situations, which hinder the safe conduct of the event (e.g. extreme weather conditions), the event will be postponed or canceled.

If the event is postponed, the participation fees are not refunded.

If the event is canceled, the participants will receive the full starter package and the participation fee will be refunded.

5.3. Administrative conditions (general)

According to this Regulation, the Organizer will publicly announce the winners of the Race and the awarded prizes. The winners list will be published on the official website within a maximum of 7 days.

The Organizer is committed to keep confidentiality of personal data of the participants / winners of the Race and to use it in accordance with this Regulation, the Declaration of responsibility and the legislation in force.

Participants are forbidden to litter in the racing area, otherwise, they will be disqualified. The garbage can be dropped in trash bins or in garbage bags provided by the Organizer in the start / finish zones. At the end of the Race, the Organizer will ensure that the waste is removed and carried away in special areas.

It is prohibited to take part in races/ competitions for persons who have alcoholic drinks/ drugs or who are under the influence of these substances; persons carrying any kind of weapons, explosives and / or incendiary materials, substances with an irritating or tearing or paralyzing effect, taser or other objects, which can be used for violent actions or disrupting the normal course of the event.

Persons who violate these provisions will be expelled by the Organizer from the event area, with the support of law enforcement agencies, if necessary.

The Organizer reserves the right to make changes in this Regulation before the Race start date and commit to inform about the changes made  on the official website and at the Race venue.

5.4. Hydration areas

In accordance with international rules, hydration areas (bottled water, fruits) will be set along the track, as well as in the start / finish zones. At the finish line, all participants will receive bottled water, fruit and energy drinks, if necessary. Participants are required to drop the plastic bottles and glasses in the bins close to hydration areas, in order to ease the cleaning process.

5.5. First aid - ambulance

First aid will be provided by an ambulance set by the Organizer in the start / finish zones or in other areas, where necessary. If a cyclist is injured, the track referees will call the ambulance, which will immediately arrive for assistance. The participants who withdraw from the race are required to notify the Organizer about their decision.

5.6. Other conditions

Supporters (family members, friends) may stay close to the track, but out of it, in order to not hinder the normal course of the event. During the Race, road traffic will be reduced on all tracks, as much as possible.

The Organizer will ensure the following:

- healthcare;

- police crews, in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation.


6.1. Participants’ Obligations and Responsibilities

  • Participants must visibly wear on the chest the BIB number during the race.

  • Participants who withdraw from the race must immediately inform the Organizer either at start/ finish zones, at timing segments or via phone (using the emergency number, which will be given beforehand or published on the official website). If the participant does not announce his/ her decision, rescue crews may be involved in tracking and, eventually, the participant will have to pay the expenses for this service.

  • Participants who have undergone an accident or any physical or material damage, renounce, in a written form at registration, to the right to claim damages or appeal against any person involved in race organization, especially: Organizer, volunteers (either legal or natural persons), sponsors, public institutions that support the race (mayor’s office, local council, police etc.).

  • Participants bear full civil, contravention and criminal responsibility for the damages caused by third parties during the race.

  • If an accident has occurred, participants must report it to the nearest control zone.

  • Participants must be aware that the Organizer makes every effort to suspend traffic during the race, but they are fully responsible to carefully cross the streets on open crossroads, to comply with police and volunteers instructions in any situation.

  • Participants must understand that the Organizer makes every effort to give each participant the appropriate size of the T-shirt, but in case the Organizer lacks the appropriate size, the participant will accept any other size.

  • Participant is responsible for lost or forgotten objects on the track.

6.2. Organizer’s Responsibility

The Organizer is obligated to:

  • Mark appropriately the track, so that the participants will not deviate from it.

  • Highlight the dangerous segments of the track.

  • Provide 3 revitalization zones on the track.

  • Award the participants according to the provisions set forth in the Awarding chapter.

  • Install timing points on the track.

  • Comply with environmental protection rules and set waste collecting zones on the track.

  • Organize a technical meeting prior to the race; announce any changes, which are more important than the information presented earlier.


Organizer’s privacy commitment

We strive to protect our website, services and users from unauthorized access or modification and from unauthorized disclosure or destruction of information we possess.

We will never disclose / sell confidential information to unauthorized third parties, and, by all available means, we will ensure that this information is secured.

What kind of personal data does the Organizer collect?

By the registration form, the Organizer collects the following personal data: name, surname, date of birth, gender, e-mail, phone, identity ID number, IDNP and residence address.

Where is this information stored?

The data from the registration form is stored in the Organizer’s database.

What is the data used for?

The personal data from the registration form is used for the following purposes:

- to offer the sportsman a possibility to participate in the race;

- to automatically fill in the Declaration of responsibility, which the participant has to sign;

- to provide useful information regarding the current and future races by email;

- to automatically classify the participant to his / her age group.

Who has access to this data?

Only the Organizer - the A.O. SPORTER Sports Club - has access to this data.


                                                                                 8. COVID-19 PROTECTIVE MEASURES

8.1. Event organizers will take all precautions related to the spread of COVID-19 to ensure the safety of attendees.

8.2. The organizers of the event will monitor the health of the participants and deny participation to athletes with symptoms of a respiratory infection (coughing, sneezing, rhinorrhea, sore throat, temperature above 37.3 C).

8.3. Competitors will be admitted on the basis of identity documents accompanied by a declaration of responsibility for non-compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards and measures to prevent COVID - l9 infection, signed by the participant and submitted on the day of receipt of the start package. As well as the organizers of the event, the participants undertake to comply with sanitary and epidemiological standards and measures to prevent COVID-l9 infection, including what follows from the order of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research No. 664 dated July 14, 2020 and Resolution No. 54 dated April 29, 2020. 2021 National Emergency Commission on Public Health.

8.4. Access of persons (athletes, coaches, doctors, media representatives, representatives of public order and security, firefighters) without a protective mask to closed rooms is prohibited. The mask should be worn so that it covers both mouth and nose. Wearing a face shield and hand disinfection is mandatory for all participants in the event.

8.5. Ensuring the health of all participants in a sports event, the competitive process are a priority task of the organizers, who undertake to provide the necessary disinfectants throughout the entire period of the event.

8.6. Each athlete will use their own personal items during the event (e.g. towel, water bottle, sports equipment, etc.). The exchange of personal belongings is prohibited.

8.7. All items used by a large number of people, including sports equipment and equipment, will be periodically (every 3 hours) disinfected with disinfectants and bioacides approved for these purposes.

8.8. Access to persons involved in organizing outdoor sports (athletes, team members, doctors, media representatives, public order and security officials, firefighters, etc.) will be provided with a phased entrance to avoid crowds and ensure the preservation of social distance.

8.9. Spectators' access to the start and finish area is allowed only with the condition of maintaining social distance. Access to the relaxation zone is prohibited.



A.O. Sports Club ”SPORTER”

Headquarter: 28/1 Calea Orheiului Street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2059

Working schedule:

Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00;

Lunch break: 12:00 -13:00 / 13:00 -14:00;

Rest days: Saturday and Sunday.

IDNO / Fiscal Code 1013620009909,

IBAN MD53VI000002224003323MDL in ”Victoriabank” S.A., Branch No. 3, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.


Phone No.: (+373) 22-111-072

e-mail: event@sporter.md 

website: www.sporter.md 

Sporter President - Dmitri VOLOSHIN