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About Marathon

The non-governmental organization “Sporter” takes the initiative and suggests to undertake the tradition of organizing an annual international marathon race  in Chisinau as the last 42 km and 195 m marathon in Chisinau was organized almost 30 years ago.

“Sporter” is the first sports social network in Moldova, which was founded on April 1, 2013.

Organization Sporter promotes amateur and professional sports in the Republic of Moldova by organizing sports events, including Chisinau International Marathon, which was attended by 15,000 people in 2016, Balti Half Marathon 2017, open water swimming competition Ghidighici Sea Mile, cycling competition Chisinau Criterium, a unique race through the wine cellars Cricova Wine Run, the Moldova Freediving Championship, the costumed races of Maratonul de Crăciun and HellRun, as well as the ultra-marathon relay race across Moldova – Rubicon.

In 2016, the International Chisinau Marathon has received the official status of AIMS, becoming a member of the International Association of marathons and distant races. AIMS is the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races, bringing together more than 400 marathons and races from 120 countries, the 121st member of which became the Republic of Moldova.

“Marathon is not just a sports event. First of all it is a big celebration for the city. Families come outside on the streets to support the athletes, they cheer and celebrate. And when you reach the finish line, and you can hardly walk, they give you a medal, tap you on the shoulder, give you hugs, say congratulations and cheer you up, and you feel that you made it! And it’s the best feeling in the world!” – says Dmitri Voloshin, the head of the NGO “Sporter”, who originated the idea of the Chisinau International Marathon.

The idea was supported by important sports organizations, including the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Moldova, the Athletics Federation of Moldova. It is important to note that the International Association of Athletics Federations also appreciated the initiative to hold the Chisinau Marathon and promised to include this competition in the international calendar.

Thus, the First International Marathon shall take place in Chisinau on April 26, 2015. 10 thousand people came out to the start line, 1000 of them ran 10, 21 and 42 km races. In the second Chisinau marathon, which ended on April 17, 2016, 15,000 people took part.

The Chisinau Marathon 2021 will include the following races:

– Marathon (42 km 195 m)

– Half marathon by Technosoft (21 km)

– 10 km Race by Naturalis

– 5 km Race

The route will be set around central streets of Chisinau (as per the Marathon map), the start and finish line will be located on the Great National Assembly Square.

According to the rules of international marathons, all participants will receive a starter pack, which will include the personal bib number, a disposable timing chip, a commemorative T-shirt and the route maps with the detailed schedule of the event.

Feeding stations will be available at different points along the race, where athletes can eat, drink, cool themselves with wet sponges, use the facilities, and if necessary, get medical assistance.

At the finish line all participants will get commemorative medals, while the winners will receive valuable prizes, as well.