Velmart team had a corporate training on the eve of Chisinau Marathon


Velmart has formed a sport team of its employees and joined the list of companies who have chosen trainings by Sporter in preparation for Chisinau International Marathon.

The training was conducted by a professional sportsman, Sporter trainer and active runner Vitalie Gheorghiță. Before the race start, Vitalie paid much attention to set up a right running technique, told about the right positions of feet, hands, head and the entire body during running.


Running technique should in no case be neglected, because many runners, especially the beginners, suffer from wrong movements (joint pain, muscle spasms) and soon lose their interest for sports.

After amateur runners got the right idea about running technique, Vitalie conducted a practical training.


As a result, everybody has learned about the correct running technique, and the participants have learned how to run to have pleasure and to form a basis for future achievements.

Velmart is the first discounter in Moldova:

Velmart means:

– low prices;

– comprehensible arrangement of products, without brand references;

– wide range of loose products.


Our main goal is to provide customers only with high-quality products at best prices.

Our principles and values:

– to correspond to the highest expectancies of buyers and partners;

– to offer the consumer only high-qualitative products;

– to use modern technologies in order to fulfill our buyers requests;

– to be a standard at quality, speed of service, range breadth, variety of fresh products and prices optimality for our clients;

– to be assistants, good advisers and consultants for every buyer;

– the highest reward for us is the smiles of our customers.

One of the main advantages of Velmart hypermarket is the policy of approaching to manufacturers, which allows the company to obtain the best prices in the market. Due to the absence of a chain of intermediaries, we provide our customers with a wide range of products at the lowest prices.



What about your company-team?

Register your company, firm or organization for a corporate training by Sporter in preparation for Chisinau Marathon. Our coaches will help your company join a healthy lifestyle and become closer outside the office, while running.

Run together 5 or 10 km at Chisinau Marathon in identical T-shirts and get the finisher medal. Does it seem impossible to you? Just try!

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