Team of the Fitness Club SportPark trains for Chisinau Marathon

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IMG_3997Being a team means not only to support each other during training at the gym, but to be preparing as a united team for the second International Marathon Chisinau in open air.

That is the attitude to work and profession of every employee of fitness club SportPark.

IMG_4104During the lunch break, 12 members of the club SportPark met within the walls of their sports complex the Sporter Run coach Liviu Croitoru, who came for the second time to prepare athletes for the Marathon Chisinau.

IMG_4029Taking a collective photo, the team with the coach went to the forest area next to the fitness club Sportpark, which is rich not only in trees and lakes, but also in athletes, who are preparing for the marathon.

IMG_4010After warming up the muscles and a light workout, Liviu set the task for the fitness instructors and coaches of different sports to run a few laps around a small lake to feel the full force of running in the open air, especially in the woods. SportPark team looked beautiful against the backdrop of nature, especially when you get very vivid pictures in such a place, and you just want to jump and make bright photos in a place like this.

IMG_4039At the end of the training, traditional hitches from the coach were done, to avoid a variety of leg injuries. Again, photos, fun and a small jog around the track back to the fitness club.

IMG_4098We remind you that last year, Sportpark participated in all distances of Chisinau Marathon, and this year they have serious intentions about the upcoming marathon. This is evident by their physical condition – athletes after all!

IMG_4128If you have never ran, now is the time to prepare for the second Chisinau Marathon, which will be held on April 17, 2016. For the second consecutive year, more than 10,000 athletes will run through the streets of Chisinau. It is your friendly staff that may be able to qualify for the title “Best sports team of Moldova” by taking part in the 10 km race!

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