SPLAT has become the partner of Chisinau International Marathon


The manufacturer of toothpaste and oral-care products SPLAT is the partner of Chisinau International Marathon, that will take place on October 1 in the Great National Assembly Square.

If you want to blind everyone with your shiny smile at the finish line, use SPLAT toothpaste.

SPLAT – for those who love to smile!

When choosing a toothpaste, you want to get the product that provides you with perfect oral care. The manufacturer SPLAT offers you a wide range of oral hygiene products. The Russian company manufactures its products using only natural components and guarantees their security and efficiency.

Advantages and features of SPLAT:

All SPLAT products are developed together with Russian practicing dentists to professional daily care at home.

– SPLAT toothpaste contains 100% natural bioactive calcium, obtained from eggshell. The high activity of this component allows increasing the density of enamel tissues and protecting the teeth from caries. The ingredients of the majority of SPLAT toothpaste do not contain fluorine, an overabundance of which leads to yellowing of the enamel and appearance of fluorosis.

– The innovative system of safe whitening SP.Whitesystem, which is used in all SPLAT products, makes the enamel perfectly clean and shiny, without leading to scratches or increased sensitivity of teeth and gums. Therefore SPLAT is suitable for daily use.

– The natural ingredients of SPLAT include natural components, essential oils and herbal extracts in therapeutic dosages. These components effectively and permanently protect against bacteria and preserve the microflora of the oral cavity healthy. Therefore SPLAT does not contain chlorhexidine or triclosan, and the content of foaming agents is minimal.

SPLAT is produced in Russia at its own certified factory, and passes strict control at each stage. SPLAT brand has a reputation of Russian product with impeccable quality, which is confirmed by numerous orders for contract production from domestic and foreign cosmetic companies.