One week before Chisinau Marathon. What distance should I run?


How many times have you promised yourself to “start a new life”, where almost always one of the points is to start running? The majority of us thinks they can lose some excess weight, make their body look more fit and become an example for their surroundings through running.

The problem is that your weight won’t go down immediately after starting running exercises. Also, you won’t become a muscle athlete after two running sessions. The lack of an immediate result really cools down the ardor of beginner athletes. Sporter decided to help future and active amateur sportsmen to motivate themselves correctly for running.

It’s better to start running at Marathon. And we can explain why. When you are only at the beginning of your running carrier, you inevitably experience a feeling of awkwardness, because you might do something wrong or your body doesn’t match the status of a runner. In other words, you would really like to practice running, but you don’t want to “stand out” and attract too much attention.

So, participating in a marathon, you will be the one from several thousands! The main point is to choose the right distance.

42 km 195 meters distance


The hardest distance, the marathon, oddly enough, doesn’t need any additional motivation. As a rule, this distance is chosen only by experienced sportsmen, who perfectly know what do they need it for. However, if you still doubt, maybe an extra stimulus for you will be the visualisation of the covered path. 42 km is the distance between Orhei and Chișinău, or, for example, Chișinău and Dubăsari. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? And on such a running voyage you are capable if you cover the 42 km distance!

The participation fee for this distance at Chisinau International Marathon is 500 MDL.

21 km 975 meters distance


This distance is kind of a springboard to marathon. However, the half marathon distance shouldn’t be underestimated – many eminent sportsmen perform in it, which reveals the seriousness of preparations. One of the advantages of choosing this distance is the need of a transition from so-called amateur distances to professional ones. If you hadn’t run more than 10 km yet, you definitely shouldn’t choose the 42 km distance! This may lead to severe consequences for your health.

Thus, choosing the 21 km distance, you open the door to the world of serious sports achievements, without risking your health.

The participation fee for this distance at Chisinau International Marathon is 400 MDL.

10 km distance


This distance shouldn’t be underestimated, too. Even if you are already an experienced runner and consider that you’ve “overgrown” it, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

10 km is a relatively fast and comfortable way of monitoring your progress as a sportsman. For sure you know your recent results at this distance. And now you can set yourself a new goal – to improve your result whatever it takes. Believe us, if you succeed, the taste of this victory won’t be less pleasant than after covering “adult” distances.

And if it’s the first time you decide to run 10 km at a marathon, there is no better motivation than to do your best and set your first basic time.

The participation fee for this distance at Chisinau International Marathon is 300 MDL.

5 km distance


Many people consider this distance to be an amateur one and don’t see the point of performing in it. However, it’s an absolute mistake to think this way! The overwhelming majority of amateur sportsmen give up running mostly because of choosing unreasonably long distances.

Let’s start with the fact that this distance, as well as the other ones, requires a responsible attitude and a development of a specific plan to overcome it.

The main thing in running, after all, is not how much will you run, but how will you do this. It’s better to run 5 km in a professional way, than running haphazardly 10, 21 or 42 km. Improve your technique at this distance.

The 5 km distance at marathon is really needed by people who just started to plan to run constantly. Precisely because your first race must be accompanied by a wide range of emotions. And the best way to get them is to participate in Chisinau Marathon. Here you will dive in a sports atmosphere for the first time, and also you will get your finisher medal, which will be your motivation for next victories.

Also, an important thing to know for participants at the 5 km distance is that Chisinau International Marathon will be flooded with professional photographers, and it’s almost impossible not to be caught by their cameras. And it means that, starting with the next day after the race, you can look for your photos on Facebook! A perfect motivation to participate in marathon: after such impressions you just won’t be able to abandon periodic races.

More than that, this is the easiest distance, and you can perform in it paying a participation fee of 300 MDL.


We remind you that the race kit is absolutely identical for all participants, regardless of the chosen distance, and includes:

– T-shirt with Chisinau International Marathon 2017 logotype

– Branded backpack

– Participation number with an electronic chip

– Informative booklet

– Surprises from partners

Also, each participant will get a medal at the finish, that will remind him of this marathon.

We remind you that the registration for marathon, half marathon, 10 km and 5 km distances is in progress on The number of participants is limited!