Mobiasbanca is preparing for Chisinau Marathon, 3rd edition


As world practice has shown, sport is one of the best tools for teambuilding. That’s the reason why Mobiasbanca company, which demonstrates constant concern for its employees and supports the atmosphere of a healthy lifestyle in the team, could not break from the tradition of taking part in Chisinau Marathon.


The direction of Mobiasbanca undertook all participation costs of their staff in this enchanting sporting event. As a result, the team of the bank gathered 29 people!

Mobiasbanca participates in the marathon for several years, and it’s not for a show, hence the scrupulous attitude about the training process. A further confirmation of this is the corporate training organized by Sporter club, which was attended by Mobiasbanca team for Chisinau International Marathon. Led by coach Damien Granier, Member of Bank Steering Committee, the team trains and participates for the 3rd consecutive year in the International Chisinau Marathon, thus confirming the cohesion, team spirit and active lifestyle of the Mobiasbanca staff members.


In a single corporate impulse, each staff member had the occasion to prepare for the race in accordance with the selected distance at 42, 21, 10 or 5 km.


The coach had an active warm-up with the team, and after that, everyone started running workout.

Having run a few kilometers around the stadium, the amateur athletes “finished”, demonstrating a good physical preparation and vigorous mood. Each of them ran a certain distance, depending on the goal set for the Chisinau Marathon.


As a bonus, all members of the Mobiasbanca team received a branded t-shirt from Sporter Club, bearing the bank logo.


Employees had a great opportunity of informal communication, which helped them reveal new amazing qualities in each other. And this means that the direction of Mobiasbanca has selected the correct course in teambuilding!


Get your corporate team prepared for the third edition of the Chisinau International Marathon, due on 1 October!

Sporter offers your company an ideal teambuilding: create your corporate team, and our professional coach will prepare it for the selected race. The result will not only be a remarkable event in the company’s life but also a healthy and cohesive team.

If you have any questions or if you want to apply for a corporate group, you can contact Sporter manager by phone: 76769994, 68251616 — Ecaterina.