MOBIASBANCA is collectively preparing for Chisinau Marathon

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IMG_5926MOBIASBANCA-Groupe Societe Generale is a universal commercial bank in Moldova, which actively supports a healthy lifestyle and participates in various sports competitions. Sport has become part of life of the bank employees, having united them in a friendly team.

IMG_5937The team of MOBIASBANCA-Groupe Societe Generale is preparing and taking a collective part in the Chisinau Marathon is the second consecutive year. Last year, MOBIASBANCA became the first Moldovan bank that participated in corporate trainings of Sporter Run. The team was going for trainings nearly all year-round, and now, 15 employees of the bank are getting ready to participate in the second marathon. They have visited another training session at the beginning of spring.

IMG_6158Under the guidance of Sporter Run coach Liviu Croitoru, the employees of MOBIASBANCA warmed up their muscles and got ready for running. On this day, Liviu set the task to run through the park Valea Morilor, conquering steep climbs and descents.

IMG_6117“I am happy to have such a great team to represent MOBIASBANCA. I see that my team is enjoying such trainings, and despite the cold morning weather, we’re all here, because the team spirit is really important for us. Thanks to the coach, who motivates and trains us, we will be able to properly prepare for Chisinau Marathon. And, thanks to the photographer who as riding on his skateboard in front of us for the wonderful photos”- shared Rida Tekaya, the president of MOBIASBANCA-Groupe Societe Generale.

IMG_6095It is worth noting that the company’s staff was very cohesive and purposeful. Throughout the entire workout, they ran together, supporting each other at different stages of training.

“I got a huge pleasure practicing with my colleagues. We have a great team spirit, you can even feel these vibrations in the air,”- says Philip Kotora, a member of the Management Committee of the bank.

IMG_6087By the end of the workout the sun looked out, which gave more energy to the runners of MOBIASBANCA, for performing all the tasks of the coach. After the lessons were completed, a workout with stretching too place, which is a mandatory exercise after jogging.

IMG_6173“Due to sport, our team gets more and more united. I am running for nearly 30 years, and now I am trying to train my colleagues, share my experience with them. Today, the coach of Sporter Run had prepared an unusual program for us, exactly what I wanted. I am very thankful to him for this training,”- shared his impressions Damien Granier, a member of the Management Committee of the Bank and the team captain.

IMG_6011Making a few general pictures at the end of training, athletes have decided to run a few more circles around the lake Valea Morilor under the warming sun. Many employees have started to engage in active running after the first Chisinau Marathon, so other employees of the bank have decided to share their impressions of the training and jogging.

“We always try to go in for sport, which gives new energy to implement more products for our customers, and most importantly, we are strengthening our friendly relations within the team.”

IMG_5930If you have never ran before, then now is the time to prepare for the second Chisinau Marathon, which will be held on April 17, 2016. For the second consecutive year, more than 10,000 athletes will run through the streets of Chisinau. It is your friendly staff that might be able to qualify for the title “Best sports team of Moldova” by taking part in the 10 km race!

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