Mobiasbanca continues to actively prepare for Chisinau Marathon


Last Sunday, once again was held a training for amateur sportsmen and bank employees – Mobiasbanca representatives. Worth mentioning that Mobiasbanca team is one of the most responsible teams and doesn’t lose any chance to prepare for Chisinau International Marathon, that will take place on October 1.

This was not the first training of Mobiasbanca. They gathered all together in a capital park, where, under the guidance of their runner and trainer Damien Granier, continued their active preparations.


Mobiasbanca team immediately catches the eye – all employees are in a great physical form, cheerful and fit. Besides this, they stood out from the flow of runners (and on Sunday there were more than 100 runners in Valea Morilor park) due to their Sporter branded T-shirts, with a huge inscription Mobiasbanca.

Each employee of the company has planned his training according to the distance chosen for marathon, of 42, 21, 10 or 5 km. However, after covering the planned distance, the team was so carried away that they prolonged the training with a few more circles.


And at the end of the training, the employees of the company staged an improvised photo shoot. Moreover, all the athletes so vividly and easily responded to photographer’s requests, that you wouldn’t believe these people just had a full running training.


Sporter organization is sure that Mobiasbanca team will succeed at the coming third Chisinau International Marathon, and all their goals will be even exceeded.



Prepare your corporate team for the third Chisinau International Marathon, that will take place on October 1!

Sporter offers your company a perfect type of team building: form a corporate team, and our professional trainer will prepare you for participation at the chosen distance. As a result, not only will you have a major event in the life of your company, but also a healthy and united collective.

You can ask questions or send your application as a corporate team to Sporter club manager by phone: 76769994, 68251616 — Ecaterina.