Mezellini is the partner of Chisinau Marathon


Mezellini, one of the leaders in the meat industry of the Republic of Moldova, supports the third Chisinau International Marathon, that will take place on October 1, in the Great National Assembly Square.

The trademark Mezellini has been supplying its products to the local market for more than ten years. From the very beginning, Mezellini surprised the customers with the quality of its products, which was achieved through continuous implementation of modern technologies in the manufacturing process, and also through gradual increase of production capacity and range of products to meet the market needs.

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The history of Mezellini trademark starts in 2005, when „Aviselect” SRL purchased a meat processing plant in Bulboaca village. After only six months, having at its disposal only a few dozen of workers, the company managed to launch in the market the first products of Mezellini trademark. The name of the brand has two meanings: from one side, the word „mezel” refers to sausage products, and from the other side „lini” emphasizes the contribution of Italian technologists in the formation and expansion of the range of products. Thus, the name Mezellini has made sense, in particular thanks to the high-quality goods produced according to traditional recipes combined with European technologies, especially Italian.

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”Taste of Holiday” is a slogan that combines all the qualities of Mezellini brand. As the word ”holiday” itself means that holidays are sacred, and there must be only the most delicious dishes on a holiday table. And Mezellini products are exactly those sausages and meat delicacies with a taste of holidays, that allow you to feel like you are within your family wherever you really are.