Measurement of Chisinau Marathon route by the International Association AIMS

IMG_3926The route of the Chisinau International Marathon was measured by a representative of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS). AIMS is an international non-profit sports organization, uniting more than 400 marathons and runs from 120 countries, and Moldova now became the 121st country.

An important step towards the enrollment and full cooperation with the AIMS was the measurement of the Chisinau marathon route.

[000190]The day before, the capital of Moldova was visited by Italian Paolo Ottone, an AIMS representative. The main reason for his arrival to Chisinau was an accurate measurement of the marathon route. At the meeting with the organizers of the marathon, Sporter team, Paolo revealed in an interview, what the association is doing and how he will measure the route (you can read the full interview here).

[000066]Late in the evening, January 12, Paolo Ottone with the Sporter team, represented by Mariana Manole and the representative of the Moldovan Athletics Federation, Ion Frunza, have measured the Marathon route along the central streets of Chisinau.

[000064]A mechanical counter of the International Association was used for measuring, which is mounted on the front wheel of the bicycle, and the system starts counting the distance when momentum are carried throughout the entire track.

Once the calibration is performed, the distance is measured, then the counter is re-calibrated to ensure that the exact distance is travelled from start to finish, because temperature fluctuations are possible during the measurement, which are capable of affecting the measurement of the track.

[000117]In this video we can see, how the measurement of Chisinau route took place and see for ourselves the work done:


At the end of the distance measurement through the city, Paolo summed it all up with Ion Frunze. After the route was approved, the Chisinau Marathon was included in the official calendar of AIMS events.

[000222]For the runners, the quality of the road and the exact distance of the marathon, half-marathon and 10-km distance is important in the first place, so such tests and measurements of the route are really indispensable. Therefore, the marathon will take place according to all AIMS rules.

IMG_3939Paolo Ottone will visit Chisinau once again in April, when the second International Chisinau Marathon will be held for carrying out re-calculations for the sake of accuracy and greater confidence on the work done.

[000069]The organizers of the Chisinau Marathon thank the AIMS association, in the name of Paolo Ottone, for their cooperation and assistance in the organization of the marathon! We also thank the Chisinau Traffic Police for their support during the route measurement.

We remind you that the second Chisinau International Marathon will be held on April 17, 2016, in the center of Chisinau at a distance of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km and 3 km. Registration is available online:

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