Learn the secret behind the Chisinau International Marathon logo

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When the logo of Chisinau marathon was created the emphasis was put on Moldovan motives in order to highlight that this is OUR marathon, which should become a national holiday.

The main characters of the logo are the people of Moldova in their national costumes, folk dance performers who are so often portrayed on Moldovan carpets. Finding out about the organization of the first Chisinau International Marathon, men fled from the carpet to run 42 km and 195 meters along the main streets of the Moldovan capital.

The pixel design is not accidental, because the fabric of the carpet has a geometric style, which in computer graphics acquired flat pixels. This fashionable and modern solution meets the status of the marathon – which is perhaps the most important sports event in the life of any city.

The proof of belonging to Moldova is reflected by the colors of the logo. They are close to the colors of the national flag: blue, yellow and red.

Logo is powered by Simpals company.