Ice Cream “Belaya Byaroza” became the partner of Chisinau Marathon

sugar-cup-white1TM “Belaya Byaroza” will treat free ice cream to the youngest participants of Kids Run Day by Nordic, which will be held on April 16 at the Great National Assembly Square, and on April 17, in the day of the Second International Chisinau Marathon, anyone can buy and enjoy an ice cream by “Belaya Byaroza” in the feeding area.

Name TM “Belaya Byaroza” says that we come from Belarus. This is the land of blue lakes, green forests and oak forests, meadows, open to the sun and vast fields, among which run the quiet calm waters of the rivers.

Which one of us would not want to return to childhood? Mom and Dad near you, the amusement park, the New Year with a belief in Santa Claus, the rope, the peevers, surely scratched knees, “Cops and robbers” game, cakes, favorite candies, chocolates … and, of course, lots and lots of real ICE CREAM!

Ice cream is an integral part of a happy childhood!

And in earlier days, probably, there were much more happy children, because their childhood was filled with the delicious ice-cream!

We want to make the childhood of our children a happy one, the way we used to have! And to us, adults – to give sweet memories of childhood!

To do this, we produce ice cream “Belaya Byaroza”!

We recommend our ice cream to everyone, adults and children, expectant mothers, athletes for restoring physical strength and people having mental work, in general, to all those who appreciate a natural, high quality and, most importantly, delicious ice cream.

Sport Expo exhibition will be open according to the following schedule for three days on the Great National Assembly Square:

April 15 – 14.00-20.00

April 16 – 10.00-19.00

April 17 – 7.00-17.00

We remind you that the second International Chisinau Marathon will be held on April 17, 2016, in the center of Chisinau on the distances of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km and 3 km.

Registration is available online on the website