Herbalife sports team is preparing for Chisinau Marathon

Are you willing to implement the spirit of sportsmanship in your organization? Sign up for the corporate trainings in running from the organizers from International Chisinau Marathon (details).

IMG_3585The Official partner for nutrition, Herbalife Company, is preparing to take part in the Second International Marathon in Chisinau. One sunny day, Herbalife staff met with coach of Sporter Run Vitalie Gheorghita in the park Valea Morilor to prepare for the marathon 100%. By the way, each and every person gave his all by 100% at the training, showing all his enthusiasm and athletic talent.

IMG_3605So, more than 20 Herbalife employees with smiles on their faces, in full gear started with a hot warm-up before the running. Vitaly has shown a few warm-up exercises for the muscles, and after this, under the guidance of a professional trainer everyone started running around the lake.

IMG_3630It is worth noting that the team is quite sporty and ready for heavy loads, so almost no one was left behind, and after running each of them started hitching and stretching with joy.

IMG_3866On this day, the training has passed by the new program. Team of Herbalife has placed the branded bottles on the perimeter, to follow the coach’s tasks in different sports exercises and keep inside the certain areas. The trainer immediately came up with interesting jumps, sprints, relays and stretching. That’s how the corporate training went for Herbalife company.

IMG_3906At the end of the training, each thanked Vitaly Gheorghita for the training, and took pictures with the winner of the first Chisinau Marathon at a distance of 42 km.

IMG_3979Herbalife Company is focused on partnerships with teams and athletes from all over the world, because a balanced diet does not only lie at the heart of a healthy, active lifestyle, but is also a key advantage in the competitive world of professional sports.

IMG_3952We remind you that the company Herbalife became the Official nutrition partner, which will put into the participant’s starter packs of marathon (42 km), half marathon (21 km) and 10 km race a nutritious protein bar. Every athlete needs to replenish his forces and get more energy for overcoming the marathon, so he may refresh himself with the bar that he gets from Herbalife, at any time.

In the area of Sport Expo, on the Great National Assembly Square Herbalife exhibition booth will be located by, where absolutely everyone can get acquainted with the products of the company and find out how he can buy something from the products range for a balanced diet.

IMG_3721For more information about Herbalife products visit the official website herbalife.md.

If you have never ran a race before, now is the time to prepare for the second Chisinau Marathon, which will be held on April 17, 2016. For the second consecutive year, more than 10,000 athletes will run through the streets of Chisinau. It is your friendly staff that may be able to qualify for the title “Best sports team of Moldova” by taking part in the 10 km race!

Get the details on corporate races here, as well as by phone: +373 79996953 and e-mail: marathon@marathon.md.


David Lutsyk for marathon.md