GSS-SECURITATE – the guarantee of your safety during the Chisinau Marathon

GSS1The Private Security Organization “GSS-SECURITATE” SRL, consisting of a team of professionals with extensive experience in implementing complex organizational tasks will be protecting the International Chisinau Marathon, which will take place on the 15th, 16th and 17th of April in the Great National Assembly Square.

Safety Partner will prevent any violations in the territory of the marathon. GSS-SECURITATE staff will monitor the safe operation of SportExpo, where the sports exhibition of Chisinau Marathon partners will be placed for three days, because each company also needs to be protected, especially during the night, when everyone will be getting ready for the 17th of April.

During the registration, the security agency will monitor safety in the registration area, which will receive for participation in the marathon about 15 000 people. All participants of the Sport Expo, children’s races and races on distances of 42, 21, 10 and 3 km will be in total safety. And the grand prize – Chisinau Marathon Medals will also be placed under the watchful eye of the security agency.

GSS-SECURITATE has a clear development strategy, a clear understanding of the market and our Clients. A wide range of services allows us to fully meet the needs of people and plan long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. The high level of competence and professional qualifications of employees create a strong relationship with our Partners, improving the business reliability.

The basic principles, on which lies the strategy of our company in the security field:

GSS-SECURITATE is a team of professionals.

Given the experience and based on the fundamental traditions of security matters professionals, as well as the law enforcement officers and agencies, we have formed a team of associates. Our staff combines traditional and innovative approaches to security activities. To succeed in any task, we work, learn and develop, to make our team the best one.

GSS-SECURITATE – Up-to-date.

Exploring the needs of the market and developing at the same time in the face of fierce competition, we have set a strategic goal of always being “one step ahead”. In our activity we use only high-quality and modern equipment, as well as our own know-how.

GSS-SECURITATE –our customers.

Basic working principles, on which we build the relationships with customers is the provision of quality services, mutually beneficial cooperation and meeting the requests. We always dive into the essence of the problem, and are working and modeling the situation in a detailed manner. Taking care of each customer is the face of our security company.

GSS-SECURITATE – landmark.

Maintaining a decent, well-organized and safe operation – this and much more is the result of more than 10 years of experience. We show by example how to work, how to make it so that the Clients apply to us on the recommendation of others. Team of GSS-SECURITATE knows that it guides the competing organizations, which makes us even more responsible and careful in carrying out of our duties.

GSS-SECURITATE – in the future.

The main objective of GSS-SECURITATE is to provide high-quality services, allowing to provide professional security in various conditions. To achieve this, we are making every effort, constantly raising our bar, and are setting objectives for ourselves, as well as successfully implementing them. This and other aspects make our company one of the leading companies, providing security services.

Key to successful business – perfection.

In terms of modern business, many CEOs want to be absolutely sure not only in personal safety, but also in the reliability of partners and their staff. Currently, only highly skilled professionals, able to respond quickly to emerging internal and external threats, are in demand on the market of security services. All this allows minimizing the costs and focusing on the business. The company GSS-SECURITATE is exactly the agency that takes full responsibility for the quality of the security services. Reliability, honesty, perfection, professionalism and responsibility – these are the tenets that guide GSS-SECURITATE, protecting the interests of its clients against all types of illegal encroachments in the most extreme situations.

We value our reputation and strictly adhere to the contractual obligations at all stages of the work, thus focusing on establishing long-term partnerships, being guided by the principles of honesty and integrity.


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We remind you that the second International Chisinau Marathon will be held on April 17th, 2016, in the center of Chisinau on the distances of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km and 3 km.

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