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Where to buy or rent a costume for Naturalis Maratonul de Crăciun?

The major condition for participation in the run is wearing a carnival costume. Moreover, this year’s most original outfit will be awarded a prize. Therefore, we have provided for you a list of ateliers and costume hire shops, where you’ll be able to find a perfect apparel for the carnival race. Meanwhile, don’t forget to register for the marathon here.

Сказочный мир

“Сказочный мир” hire shop offers a wide variety of costumes for kids and adults at available prices. Here you can rent exclusive costumes, such as Disney heroes, fairytale characters (Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood), animals (cat, fox), for Halloween (witch, Dracula, pumpkin), for New Year (snowflake, winter), Stitch, Cleopatra, Jack the Pirate, and other.

  •         For sale: No. For rent: Yes.
  •         It’s possible to adjust the costumes individually.
  •         Address: 5 Eminescu Str.
  •         Telephone: 068 986 456.
  •        www.facebook.com/сказочныймир

Mod Len

“Mod Len” hire shop offers over 1000 classic and carnival costumes for rent, both for kids and adults. Among the costumes you’ll be able to find fairytale characters (astrologer, sultan, Shrek, Pinocchio), for New Year (snowmen, gnomes, Christmas trees), for Halloween (vampires, criminal assistant), animals, plants, fruits, vegetables, insects, spacemen, and other.

  •         For sale: No. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: 92 Cetatea Albă Str.
  •         Telephone: 022 532 882, 069 030 747.
  •        www.modlen.md


“Benefis” is the only local manufacturer of ballet clothing, stage costumes and footwear. At the same time, the company is engaged in sewing carnival costumes for kids and adults. Here you can buy or hire fairytale costumes, vintage clothes, thematic, traditional, Halloween, ballroom and oriental costumes, as well as various accessories (hats, gloves, fans, wigs).

  •         For sale: Yes. For rent: Yes.
  •         Tailoring various costumes.
  •         Address: 6 Teatrală Str.
  •         Telephone: 022 213 256, 022 222 714.
  •        www.benefisshop.com

Vimur Kids

At “Vimur Kids” atelier you can easily find carnival costumes for any event, be it a spring celebration or New Year party. Here you can find costumes of fairytale characters (Aladdin, Fairy, Zorro, Snow White), insects (ladybug, bee), vegetables (carrots, cabbage), animals (pig, cat, goat), traditional costumes and other.

  •         For sale: No. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: 7/1 Studenților Str.
  •         Telephone: 022 838 584, 079 584 404.
  •        www.vimur.md


“Carnaval” costume shop is mainly engaged in creating unique collections of carnival, historical, theatrical costumes for children and adults. Most models are invented by masters at the shop. You can address here if you are looking for classic costumes and tail-coats for boys, various costumes for girls, film and cartoon heroes, flowers and plants, seasons, animals, fantastic and aquatic characters, heroes and knights, Halloween and New Year costumes, and more.

  •         For sale: Yes. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: 47 București Str.
  •         Telephone: 022 222 179, 022 213 219.
  •        www.carnaval.md


“Foxtasy” costume hire shop offers a wide range of ballroom gowns, carnival costumes and accessories for school and pre-school children. Designers take care not only of the aesthetics of the models, but also of the wearing comfort. We have reasonable prices for rent.

  •         For sale: No. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: 148/3 Alba Iulia Str., (office 2).
  •         Telephone: 022 516 794.
  •        www.foxtasy.com

Little Nista

At “Little Nista” you will find carnival costumes and evening dresses for girls aged 1 to 17 years. All clothes are available both for sale and for rent. For seasonal holidays, the stock of dresses is permanently renewed.

Fairy Land

“Fairy Land” costume hire shop offers carnival costumes, kids outfits and accessories (flower headbands, belts, underskirts) for children aged 4 to 10 years.

Costumes: birds and animals (mouse, bear, ant), plants (sunflower, daffodil), heroes (musketeer, Pierrot, Robin Hood), New Year (Snow White, Snowman), autumn (grapes, sun, pumpkin), Halloween (Dracula , witch), and other.

  •         For sale: No. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: T. Vladimirescu Str.
  •         Telephone: 060 888 848.
  •        www.fairyland.prom.md


Today’s range represents over 250 types of costumes for adults and children, and the number of models increases evey year. Contests are often organized on the company’s website, where you can benefit from discounts and other gifts.

Costumes: Fairytale characters (magician, “Neznayka”, “Koschei”), animals (penguin, monkey, spider), vegetables and fruits (bananas, garlic), seasons, traditional costumes (Moldovan, Ucrainian, oriental), and other.

  •         For sale: Yes. For rent: No.
  •         Telephone: 022 472 707, 079 407 260.
  •        www.maskarad.md


One of the activities performed by “TrioLux” is offering a wide variety of carnival kids costumes for sale and for rent. A rich variety of masquerade clothing allows you to find the perfect apparel on any occasion, which will be memorable and associated with positive emotions. Costumes: superheroes and cartoon heroes (Ninja, Jack the Pirate), flowers, fruits and vegetables, fairytale characters (Petrushka, oriental tale characters), Disney characters (Princess Belle, Rapunzel, Ariel), animals, for New Year (snowflake, Christmas tree, Father Christmas), historical (Roman soldier, Peter the Great, Gladiator), and other.

  •         For sale: Yes. For rent: Yes.
  •         Telephone: 060344973 (Sculeni) 060 738 350 (checkout), 069 457 207 (Center).
  •        www.triolux.md


“Синеокая” costume hire shop offers unique kids suits for sale and for rent. Various looks and characters outfits will help the children feel the magic of the party. Besides costumes you can find a wide variety of wigs, masks, hats, accessories (wings, glasses, umbrellas, fans).

Costumes: evening dresses, skirts, costumes of flowers, animals (chicken, rooster), insects (bees, butterflies, beetles), natural phenomena (sun, rainbow, spring), and other.

  •         For sale: Yes. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: Stefan cel Mare Blvd. (Ismail intersection subway); 20 Igor Vieru Str.
  •         Telephone: 079584554 (Center), 022 486 070 (checkout).
  •        www.parik.md

Teatrul Mic

“Teatrul Mic” costume hire shop, is a universe designed for children that offers a wide range of carnival, festive and matinee party costumes. The hire shop offers new costumes, which are interesting for the development of the children’s artistic world. The costumes are made of high quality materials and are carefully selected to develop the creativity and imagination of the child in order to find the hidden talent of every kid.

Costumes: animals (squirrel, wolf), story characters (clown, Peter Pan, Ben 10), fruits and vegetables (onion, apple), insects and birds (bees, eagle), Christmas costumes (Snowman, Elf), Halloween costumes (Frankenstein, werewolf), classic suits and elegant dresses.

  •         For sale: No. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: 13/1 Mircea cel Batran Blvd.
  •         Telephone: 060 147 800.
  •        www.teatrulmic.md


“Fiesta” costume hire shop offers hundreds of interesting and funny costumes for boys and girls on every occasion. Carnival and theatrical costumes, evening dresses, a variety of capes, hats and accessories are available for rental under advantageous conditions. Each season, the models range is completed with new thematic collections.

Costumes: evening dresses and ballroom gowns, costumes for boys, animals, fruits and vegetables, heroes, medieval (Princess, scientists), characters (pirates, oriental), nature (sun, moon), and other.

  •         For sale: No. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: 8/1 A. Russo Str.
  •         Telephone: 022 444 442.
  •        www.fiesta.md


At “Mascarad” costume hire shop, care for wearing comfort has top priority. That is why all kids’ costumes are made of natural fabrics, leather and fur, so as not to cause discomfort to the child’s skin. All the costumes are exclusive, you won’t find a similar one. If you order two costumes, you will get a 50% discount for the second one. In case you order 4 party costumes, the fifth is for free.

Costumes: A collection of costumes from ‘Hollywood” (original dresses) Winter collection (polar bear, January, snowflake), autumn collection (autumn, swallows, insects, vegetables), fabulous costumes (“Neznayka”, goose), Halloween (devil, witch, Dracula), and other.

  •         For sale: No. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: 15/1 Moscovei Blvd.
  •         Telephone: 022 449 555, 067 414 142.
  •        www.balmaskarad.md


“Alegria” costume hire shop specializes in wedding dresses and evening gowns, and accessories, but one of the activities also involves kids costumes. The youngest guests of the hire shop will find here evening dresses. If you’re looking for carnival clothes, then you can choose from hundreds of exciting and entertaining costumes for any occasion.

Costumes: Fairytale characters (Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Malvina), animals (cow, rooster), traditional (Moldovan, oriental, Russian), plants (oak acorn, eggplant), and other.

  •         For sale: No. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: 76 Decebal Blvd. ( office 315).
  •         Telephone: 022 890 920, 022 661 989, 079 431 338.
  •        www.salonalegria.com


“Trioelegant” costume hire shop presents a vast variety of carnival costumes for children of all ages. Here you can rent and buy not only festive costumes, but also various thematical accessories. We also hand tailor costumes. Shoes for special occasions are also available for hire.

Costumes: Christmas (Father Christmas, Snow Queen), animals (fox, poodle, horse), characters (Puss in Boots, Aladdin, Carlson, Gipsies, Batman, Zorro), fruits and vegetables (watermelon, pumpkin), flowers, seasons, professions (doctor, policeman), and other.

  •         For sale: Yes. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: 33 Tighina Str.
  •         Telephone: 022 279 535, 068 716 462.
  •        www.trioelegant.com.md

Costume de închiriere

Caranival costumes for rent on any occasion, for children’s matinees and costume parties, from angels and fairies to extravagant costumes like Superman, and other.

Costumes: traditional (Moldovan, Gipsy), animals (hedgehog, rabbit), characters (“Matriosca”, manakin, Pharaoh, spacemen, astronomer), Halloween (Brownie, Goblin, ghost), and other.

  •         For sale: No. For rent: Yes.
  •         Address: 49/1 Minsk Str.
  •         Telephone: 022 557 369, 069 784 997.