Healthy habits aren't formed overnight; they require effort, patience, and consistency. Every day, Linella inspires its customers to make rational choices, emphasizing the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables lovingly grown by local producers, as well as a range of quality products under its own brand. Additionally, Linella has a community involvement strategy where it supports sports competitions and promotes physical activity as a healthy habit.

Being at the forefront of food retail in Moldova, Linella stands as a powerful motivation for thousands, making the company accountable for its messages and the projects it gets involved in. The development of the Linella brand is closely tied to the well-being of the entire community, hence the company's commitment to projects promoting a healthy lifestyle.
The Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon 2023, especially the 10 km distance - the second in the race series, has Linella's backing again this year. Moreover, for the fifth consecutive year, Linella is the Title Partner for the Pasta Party. Pasta Party is a feast focused on pasta, aimed at fueling participants on the eve of the marathon with a delicious portion of carbs, ensuring peak running performance.

The Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon will take place on September 24, 2023.

Join the Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon 2023! We start with small steps and gradually progress together!