DORMEO - You've Never Slept Thiiiiiiis Well Before!

Do you remember the last time you woke up in the morning and thought, "I've never slept thiiiiiis well before!" You won't believe the difference you'll feel when you sleep and wake up on the Dormeo mattress until you try it out.

Dormeo is the sleep expert that infuses your home with comfort, care, and harmony. For over 20 years, we have provided a good night's sleep to millions of satisfied customers worldwide. We develop high-quality products that are tested and certified by independent laboratories. We carefully select the materials and set high standards when choosing the best price-quality ratio for each product. Our assortment is vast and consists of both complete sleep solutions and complementary sleep products. We present to you the best mattress from Dormeo - Imemory S Plus - the only mattress with patented Octaspring technology.
Octaspring springs are not ordinary springs! It's a combination of foam comfort, flexibility, and support of a spring. Thanks to the 3D adaptation, the spring supports the body, aligns the spine, and does not create pressure points. Thus, you feel relaxed and comfortable all night. Compared to regular foams, Octaspring technology is 8 times more breathable and keeps the air temperature up to 3 degrees lower, providing you with coolness and comfort throughout the night. Now, you can enjoy a deep, restful, and healthier sleep.
Why is the S PLUS mattress a TRULY RISK-FREE mattress? With a simple flip of the mattress, you will get 8 different sensations. It provides you with the right support and comfort, perfect for your body, weight, preferred sleep position, and of course - personal preferences.
And if your preferences or tastes change over the years - it's not a problem – all you need to do is flip the mattress to the side that provides a comfortable sleeping position.
Couples will fall in love with this double-core mattress - now each person can have their half of the mattress personalized according to preferences, with no gaps in the middle of the mattress.