ProCredit Bank – A ProSport Bank

ProCredit Bank is the only German Bank in the Republic of Moldova. Over more than 15 years of activity, thanks to our professional team and accumulated experience, we focus on constantly improving the services we offer and provide our customers with access to advanced technologies and European standards in the banking sector.

Because we are continuously developing and accepting challenges, our participation in the Big Hearts Marathon is eagerly anticipated by our entire team! We are a bank that promotes social responsibility, which, in addition to financial education and responsible banking, involves caring for the environment and supporting a healthy lifestyle. All these aspects are found in our list of values.

At first glance, it might seem that there aren't many connections between the mentioned principles and the banking industry. However, we are convinced that these connections do exist, and our business model proves it. In our relationship with our customers, our primary focus is on promoting the culture of saving and responsible spending. Additionally, we have taken on the responsibility of being an institution that actively and consistently contributes to environmental protection. This aspect becomes crucial in a context where irresponsible consumerism leads to unprecedented pollution of our planet. Also, the efforts ProCredit Bank makes to promote the use of electric vehicles as a sustainable alternative to liquid fuel vehicles are in line with this direction. Our online banking services are our way of being as close to our customers as possible, whenever and wherever they need the services we offer.

In the same context, we believe that a safe and prosperous society starts with each individual, and adopting a healthy lifestyle is the key to this achievement.

We see our participation in the Big Hearts Marathon as an excellent opportunity to put into practice the values and principles that we uphold at ProCredit Bank. Participating in such an event requires determination and effort to achieve ambitious goals, similar to how we conduct our banking business.

Through our presence at the competition, we aim to set an example for others, encouraging both our customers and society at large to adopt responsible and healthy practices for the benefit of every individual and the community as a whole.