Chisinau Big Hearts Kids Marathon – unlock success for your child

All parents dream of success for their children, but dreaming is not enough. Success is a skill that needs to be learned. Bring your child to the Chisinau Big Hearts Kids Marathon to make them believe in themselves, learn to achieve their goals, and awaken their winning spirit.
Kids Marathon is an important part of Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon, a bright and massive sports festival with many activities, things to do, and new friends. Children's races take place right in the heart of Chișinău – at the Great National Assembly Square and along Ştefan cel Mare Boulevard between Bănulescu-Bodoni and Pushkin streets.
Depending on the age, kids from 5 to 13 years old compete in distances of 400 m, 800 m, 1200 m, and 2000 m. For each one of them, participating in the marathon becomes an inspiring event, instills belief in their own abilities, and sets them up for new victories in all areas of life.
9-year-old Liza Lyutova will run the marathon for the third time, and with each year, participating in the race inspires her more and more. “I have already set 5 running records, and this year I aim to set a record for the 21 km distance.” Liza became a role model for her younger sister Lera – who is almost 5 and is preparing for her first start.
Register your child for the Kids Marathon so they too can believe in themselves and strive for victories. Be a role model for your children and also participate in the marathon. Liza Lyutova comes from a sporty family; her father Alexey will also run the marathon for the third time – his current distance is 42 km. And mother Alla, with their youngest daughter, will cheer for their athletes.
Choose an age-appropriate distance for your child and reserve a slot at the Chisinau Big Hearts Kids Marathon. Open up the world of marathons and victories to them!