Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon - training changes lives

Are you ready for the main running event of the year? Since April, we've been holding regular outdoor training sessions for participants of the Chisinau Big Hearts marathon powered by Visa. Start training – change yourself and your life for the better.

Everyone should train, because sport not only gives energy and improves your physical condition but also enhances cognitive abilities.

Modern research shows: by training muscles, we are also training ⅔ of our brain cells – training neurons! Moreover, it turns out that working muscles release hormone-like molecules, myokines, which improve brain function and rejuvenate it, especially the memory sections. Therefore, training to run is also a great time to think about something important, remember something useful, or solve something challenging.
And if you set high goals for yourself - like running a marathon distance - then training becomes invaluable. Especially if you're training with an experienced mentor.
That's why, since April, we've been holding special free training sessions in city parks under the guidance of qualified trainers. They've taught participants how to warm up correctly before a race, helped improve running technique, and made sport activities more effective.

Our trainings were attended by a variety of people – experienced athletes, beginners, even children! Everyone gained valuable information and skills. Additionally, at each training session, we held prize draws from our marathon partners. Another pleasant incentive – a gift photoshoot, as athletes were accompanied by a professional photographer.
Since April 9th, we've already held 9 open training sessions. The final, 10th session will be held on September 17th in the Valea Morilor park, with MallDova as its partner.

We thank all the athletes, trainers Vitalie Gheorghiță and Natalia Zbîrnea, as well as our partners for participating in this wonderful pre-marathon training set. You've shown how interesting and effective sports activities can be. Every step is important, and every effort brings us closer to the goal.
Friends, keep training and fill your life with activity! And don't forget to register for the Chisinau Big Hearts marathon powered by Visa – see you at the marathon!