Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon – gather your team!

More and more hearts are beating in unison, eager to participate in the Big Hearts Marathon. More and more people are entering the country's premier race. You're sure to find new friends among them. Start forming your team and training for the race now!

In a team of like-minded people, any effort is more efficient and productive. Training with friends is also more motivating than training individually.

Why? That’s simple! Team members motivate and support each other, share experiences and knowledge about running techniques, nutrition and training plan. At the same time, they compete with each other, so everyone puts in a bit more effort. In the end, everyone is at their best when they get to the big start.

Besides, it's more fun to train together! Training together strengthens friendships and stimulates the imagination. For example, you can think about how to make your team stand out and how to impress the marathon fans and supporters.
Gather a gang of friends, join up until 17 May to get your slots at a promo price and run the marathon together!