Transform your running experience with PUMA!

Playing sports is one of the core values at PUMA MOLDOVA, which is why it's paramount for its young and athletic team to support the development of mass sports in the country.

Being an advocate for the promotion of sports as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, Puma Moldova has become a sponsor of the Chisinau International Marathon 2023. Thus, on September 24th, the Puma team will run alongside you in Moldova's largest race, with routes situated in the heart of the capital.

Imagine standing at the starting line of the country's premier running event. Behind you are months of training and dozens of races. Your body is ready. Your thoughts are calm. Your dream lies ahead, destined to come true. The entire city is backing you up. Your reward is the finish line medal and the exhilaration of tens of thousands of people. You are a winner. You've accomplished what many only dream about.

Join us! Transform your running experience with PUMA!