Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon – 80% of slots sold

The Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon is getting closer, and there are fewer and fewer free slots for its future participants. Registration for the Big Hearts Marathon is in full swing – hurry up and reserve your place at the start line, 80% of the slots are already occupied.

There is just over a month left until the most incredible and largest run of the year. The final stages of preparation for the Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon are being completed, and any moment now, athletes from all over the world will start flocking to Chisinau to join this vibrant sports celebration, together overcome the distance and fill the world with the energy of their Big hearts. After all, a marathon is not just running, it is what unites people and multiplies their strength. The marathon is proof that we are together, and we are a team.
The closer the start, the faster the participation slots are taken. Even now, less than 20% of the places remain free. You need to hurry to become part of this incredible sports celebration.
Choose a distance of 5,10, 21 or 42 km for yourself, register children for Marathon Kids, bring friends and loved ones to the start, and connect with the energy of the Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon! Run to harness the strength of the marathon.