Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon – how to support the athletes?

What makes a celebration so special? The mood! And who makes it? We do! Come and join us at the Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon – if you're not taking part in the race, come and support those who will be tackling the distance. Both you and they will have special emotions and beautiful memories.

What's the reason? Experienced marathoners say that when you run, support is golden. When you feel like your strength is failing and every step is hard, someone's friendly smile or shout gives you the energy you need.
How can we support the athletes? The best thing would be to come along with friends and, of course, prepare beforehand – choose amazing, maybe funny outfits to capture more attention. We can make a poster, take a flag and balloons with us. We can also make up some chanted slogans. As for water and energy snacks, we don't need to take anything like that with us, because participants will get water and snacks at specially set up hydration points.
What's in it for you? A huge load of energy, positive emotions and fun! You'll most likely make new friends: fans get along well with each other and are generally nice people.
You might like the spirit of the marathon so much that you will decide to take part next year, even if only for the shortest distance. You'll start training, become more resilient, stronger in body and spirit, and change your life for the better as a result. Or maybe you're already prepared to run this year? Get a move on, pick a distance and sign up! And bring your friends to support you.