Reboot! Marathon – an excellent remedy for burnout

No longer want to practice running, your job is a burden and you don't even have the energy to talk to friends? Motivation has gone? Get it back faster – here are some life hacks.

The modern world overloads our perceptions so much that almost everyone is tempted to switch to a 'plant-based' existence from time to time. It's called burnout syndrome. It doesn't go away by itself, but pulls us deeper and deeper, killing all joy and destroying our lives. The only solution is to reboot. Although it takes effort, it opens up new horizons.
To restore the spark and ambition in your life, you need to set a lofty goal. Run the Big Hearts Marathon, for example. Such a grand challenge will restore your motivation.
And to avoid regression, set your goal - sign up for the marathon. Choose the right distance: 5, 10, 21 or 42 km. If you have no experience in long distance running, start with 5km. Until 24 September, when the Chisinau Marathon starts, you have plenty of time to prepare.
Now there is no going back. Organize your training programme and gradually increase the distance and intensity. Document your intermediate achievements - focus on them, not on what you're failing at the moment. Progress is a great incentive.
Avoid monotony. Include hill running, interval training, speed or strength training. Variety keeps it exciting. And don't forget recovery. Pay attention to sleep and nutrition.

Also, find like-minded people - join sports communities and social networking groups. Inspire each other and share tips with each other.

Visualize your goal. Imagine crossing the finish line, hearing the applause, feeling proud and satisfied. The important thing is to get started and you will succeed!