Marathon lessons: teaching your child to be successful

Is it possible to teach a child to be successful? Certainly! Success is about believing in yourself and persisting in achieving goals. Learn how to do this through the example of the marathon.

Lesson 1: It takes preparation. Training strengthens the body and mind, and helps us get used to a healthy lifestyle. The same goes for success in life: we learn, we work, we build up our strength and we have the chance to prove ourselves.

Lesson 2: The persistent do well. In a marathon, the important thing is to overcome the distance. From this, the child learns not to give up when faced with hardship. In life, we get tired and stumble our way to success, but those who don't stop reach their goal. If your son or daughter wants to be a leader, they will have to work harder – just like in life.
Lesson 3: Together we are stronger. Hundreds of children come to the kids’ marathon and this energizes the participants. The motivation and results in life are also greater when we act together. Train with your child, grab your friends and come together to the start line – there you will see the strength of unity.

The main lesson of the marathon, though, is self-confidence. This grows as your child achieves their goals. Every training session is a goal accomplished, and the marathon itself is a huge exclamation point on the list of accomplishments. With this experience, many of the performances are attainable.
Encourage your child to participate in the marathon and support them as they train. Register for Kids Run Day, but hurry – on July 17 the price will increase. Teach your child to fly high.