The youngest marathon recorders

Recordman - sounds proud. Especially if the records are set at a very young age. However, to get good results in sports and especially in running, it takes years of intense training. Let's meet the young athletes, who have managed to achieve incredible success in running.
Wesley Paul
Running was the only fun for little Wesley, because he grew up in a very poor family. He spent practically all his free time running with his father. Wesley first started running at the age of three. Six years later, he participated in his first marathon - New York City Marathon 1977, in Verrazano-Narrows, along with another 5,000 participants. He managed to overcome the distance without any help and recorded a phenomenal result - 3 hours and 31 minutes. This made the boy the fastest marathon runner in his age category among children around the world. By the age of 16, Wesley had managed to win more than 40 marathons.

Budha Singh
Buddha was born in 2002 in Bhubaneswar, India. The boy had a very difficult childhood. His parents had to sell him to a local salesman because of poverty. After some time, the boy was bought by the owner of an orphanage and the judo coach Biranci Das. After a small scuffle committed by the Buddha, his tutor made him run a few circles. This was a kind of punishment for disobedience and wives. Returning in five hours, Biranci Das was shocked by what he saw: the Buddha was still running non-stop. After that, serious long-distance running training began. A few years later, the young runner overcame 48 marathons.
When the boy turned five, he managed to cover a distance of 65 km - from his hometown of Puri to Bhubaneswar in just 7 hours and 2 minutes. This result was included in the Indian record book - "Limca Book of Records 2006". Thus, Budha became the youngest marathon record holder.

Ioan Vanillar
In his childhood, Ionann was difficult to call a sports child. He even gave in to running to his colleagues. But everything changed after his father Oleg, CMS at 1.5 km and 800, started training him. Regular training started with a distance of 1.5 km. Gradually, the distances increased. The young athlete found himself in greater distances. After only three months of training, Ioan was able to run ten km without stopping, and after another three months - 20 km. Thus, he decided to participate in his first marathon. Despite the unbearable heat, the little runner overcame the Moscow marathon and became the youngest marathon runner in Russia. Today, behind him are six marathons and more than 100 medals from various races. His goal is to break Russia's record by the age of 25.

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