Tymbark - official partner of the Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon

Maspex Romania, the producer of Tymbark juice, is part of the Polish group Maspex, one of the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe in the food products segment. Operating for 17 years in the Moldovan market, the company currently holds a vast portfolio of products such as juices, nectars, and soft drinks, instant products, sweet and savory snacks.

TYMBARK products are of high quality and cater to a diverse range of consumers. From mature individuals, already self-assured and confident in their own abilities, who like to express their personality, to the younger generation, connected to social media and the latest trends, who validate themselves through association with cool and high-quality brands. Tymbark offers products for those who cherish family time as well as gatherings with friends of all ages.

Here are a few examples: Tymbark Cool - suitable for family meals; Tymbark Tetra Pak 1&2L – the healthy choice "with authentic fruit flavor." The Still drinks single-serve category includes Tymbark Mix, Tymbark Fizzy, and Lemonade 400ml - products very popular among Generation Z, individuals highly connected to social media and very receptive to the coolest trends.
Tymbark is among consumers' preferences due to its quality and unique taste. The latest product that embodies the Tymbark DNA is Tymbark Fizzy, available in 3 refreshing FRUIT & BUBBLE combinations, in a 330ML CAN packaging, with a high fruit juice content (20%):

  • Apple Mango Oranges;
  • Apple Watermelon;
  • Apple Lemon Mint.

As usual, Tymbark has a surprise for consumers, and this time we will discover the famous Tymbark messages under the tab.

Furthermore, the Tymbark 1L Tetra Pak product range has been enriched with new flavors. Rich in vitamin C, Tymbark 1L Pomegranate is the latest addition to this range, offering a full, slightly tangy taste. The entire Tymbark product range emphasizes a balanced and healthy lifestyle, providing consumers with high-quality products with a delicious fruit flavor for a sense of well-being.

The company aims to continually develop, create products with passion and a sense of responsibility, and be there for people in their daily lives.