Cronograf: Your guide to the world of watches

Since its establishment in 1994, Cronograf has become a symbol of reliability and quality in the watch world. The company is the official distributor of over 20 leading watch brands in the Republic of Moldova, and we are proud to offer a wide range of watches for any taste.

Seiko and Seiko Prospex: Elegance and Reliability
One of the most popular watch brands we offer to our customers is Seiko and its Seiko Prospex collection. Seiko is a Japanese company, founded by Kintaro Hattori in 1881, and is known as one of the global leaders in watch production. Seiko watches are famous for their high-precision mechanisms, stylish design, and variety of models.
Seiko Prospex watches, in turn, were created specifically for those who prefer an active lifestyle and are passionate about extreme sports. The Seiko Prospex watch range is perfect for running and other active lifestyle activities. These watches combine outstanding reliability, functionality, and style, making them an excellent choice.
Style and Uniqueness
The design of Seiko and Seiko Prospex watches is an art in itself. We offer a wide selection of models, from classic and elegant to sporty and bold. Each model reflects the individuality and style of its owner, offering bright color combinations and clear dial readability even in low light conditions.
If you are looking for reliable and stylish watches, come to our Cronograf store network. Our consultants are always ready to provide professional assistance in choosing a watch model that meets your needs and style.
Find us at the addresses:
  • Cronograf Sun City
  • Address: mun. Chisinau, Puskin St. 32, Sun City, 2nd floor, boutique 242
  • Cronograf Jumbo
  • Address: mun. Chisinau, Decebal Blvd. 23/1, Jumbo, 2nd floor, boutique 204
  • Cronograf Elat
  • Address: mun. Chisinau, Decebal Blvd. 99, Elat, 2nd floor, showcase No.1
  • Cronograf MallDOVA
  • Address: mun. Chisinau, Arborilor St. 21 MallDOVA, 1st floor
  • Cronograf Atrium
  • Address: mun. Chisinau, Albisoara St. 4, Atrium, 1st floor, boutique No.1024
And don't forget, you can purchase the desired watch model on our website
Cronograf Company, as an official distributor, offers a unique opportunity for wholesalers and entrepreneurs wishing to expand their business in the watch sector in Moldova. If you are interested in trading Seiko watches and want to become part of a successful sales network, contact us.