Kids Run Day by Naturalis: Who are the little winners from 2019?

Today, September 28, 2019, the "Kids Run Day by Naturalis" children's running competition ended in Chisinau, which took place during the fifth anniversary edition of the "Chisinau International Marathon". In total, 500 young athletes took part in the race. The children competed in four age categories and on the selected distances in time.

The sporting event began with a traditional warm-up of the muscles under the guidance of a coach, after which the participants lined up at the starting line. The race started at 10:00 and ended at 11:30. During the competition, an atmosphere of competition and sports passion reigned in the central square of Chisinau. The children were encouraged by their parents and friends, who came to the race to be with them.

After summing up the results, the winners of "Kids Run Day by Naturalis" were determined.

The winners of the 400 meter race in the 5-6 age group are:
1 Coadă Cristian 
2 Cernăuțanu Leonardo
3 Juncu Daniel

1 Chirița Ștefania
2 Dolghin Anastasia
3 Ivanciuc Melissa

The leading places in the 800 meters race in the age group 7-8 years are occupied by:
1 Grib Stanislav 
2 Bătrînescu Emilian
3 Cainarean Bogdan

1 Bocancea Daria
2 Prigorscaia Avigheia
3 Radu Victoria

The winners of the 1200 meters race in the age category 9-10 years are:
1 Egorov Daniil
2 Dreglea Bogdan
3 Danisca Vladimir

1 Egorova Victoria
2 Gortolomei Maria
3 Florean Maria

The fastest participants in the 2000-meter race in the 11-13 age group are:
1 Selivanov Timur
2 Vasilachi Cristian
3 Hariton Denis

1 Veretiuc Anastasia 
2 Melega Nadejda
3 Alfiorova Ksenia 

The organizers of the children's race "Kids Run Day by Naturalis" are the sports organization Sporter, the free classifieds panel - and the most popular forum for women -