AIMS measured the course of Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon

The course of the Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon was measured by a representative of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).

AIMS is an international sports non-profit organization, uniting more than 445 marathons and runs from 115 countries, Moldova is a member of AIMS since 2016. is a non-profit international sports organization that brings together more than 445 marathons and races from 115 countries.The Republic of Moldova has been a member of AIMS since 2016.

In order for a marathon to confirm its status, a course accreditation is required every 5 years.
The day before, Stefano Bassan, AIMS representative and resident of Italy, visited Moldova. The main reason for his arrival in Chisinau was the accurate measurement of the marathon course. At the meeting with the marathon organizers, the Sporter team, Stefano talked about the association’s profile and about the course measurements he intended to do.

Early in the morning of July 25, Stefano Bassan together with the Sporter team measured the marathon course through the central streets of Chisinau.

For the measurement, a mechanical AIMS counter is used, which is attached to the front wheel of a bike. When the entire distance is rotated, the system starts working to calculate the distance. The measurement uses a mechanical counter of the international association, which is attached to the front wheel of the bicycle. When a full rotation is made, the system starts working to calculate the distance.

After calibration is performed, the distance is measured and then the counter is recalibrated to ensure that the correct distance is covered from start to finish, as temperature variations can occur during measurement that affect the course measurement.

After completing the measurements of the course, Stefano summed up the results. Once the route was approved, the Chisinau Marathon was included in the official calendar of AIMS events.

For a runner, the course quality and the exact distance of the marathon, half marathon or 10 km distance are of paramount importance, which is why the course is checked and measured. Thus, the marathon will be run according to all AIMS rules.

The organizers of the Chisinau Marathon would like to thank the AIMS association, in the person of Stefano Bassan, for their collaboration and help in organizing the marathon! Also, thanks to the Chisinau traffic police for accompanying them during the route measurement and to Velo Jan shop, which provided a suitable bike for the course measurement.

Let us remind you that Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon is due on September 25, 2022, in the center of Chisinau, over the distances of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km and 5 km. You can register