Visa - general partner of the Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon: Pay with your Visa card and save 10%!

The Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon is one of the most anticipated sporting events in Moldova, attracting thousands of participants each year and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. This year, the organizers are delighted to have a prestigious addition: Visa, a global leader in payment technology, is becoming the general partner of the event.

By associating itself as the general partner of the Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon, Visa brings new and advantageous opportunities for participants. Great news for everyone planning to participate in the marathon: when using Visa cards to register and pay the participation fee, they will benefit from a 10% discount!

Visa is a global payment technology company offering consumers, commercial organizations, banks, and government institutions the ability to make electronic payments.

Visa contributes to improving the quality of life and accelerating economic growth worldwide.

The partnership between Visa and Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon underlines the commitment of both parties towards promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, as well as supporting the sporting community. Through this international event, Visa reaffirms its vision to bring positive change to people's lives, facilitating access to a wide range of modern financial services.

So, if you are passionate about running and want to participate in the Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon, don't forget to take your Visa card with you. Enjoy the running experience in a unique way and pay with the card to benefit from the 10% discount offered by Visa. Embrace a new paradigm of payments and be part of a memorable event that promotes health, physical activity, and competitive spirit!