JustConsult and the Romanian passport give you the freedom of movement

In an increasingly globalized world, freedom of movement and easy travel to different countries become more and more important. The Romanian passport provides this freedom, opening doors to travel and work opportunities within the European Union.

With the help of JustConsult, a legal consulting company, the process of obtaining Romanian citizenship and a Romanian passport becomes a simple and stress-free experience.
Romanian citizenship for Moldovans - legal and fast

Romanian citizenship has become a desired goal for Moldovans, as it offers numerous advantages, such as the right to free movement within the European Union and access to services and work opportunities in EU member countries.

The process of regaining Romanian citizenship can, however, be complex and full of bureaucracy if you go through the procedures independently. A lack of correct information and necessary knowledge can create difficulties and delays in filing and resolving the case.

JustConsult is a company with vast experience of 20 years in the field of Romanian citizenship. With an impressive portfolio of over 400,000 served customers, JustConsult has become a trusted name among citizens who perfect their Romanian documents.
Who can apply to regain Romanian citizenship?

If you have grandparents or great-grandparents born until June 28, 1940, in Bessarabia, on the territory of Greater Romania, you can initiate the process of regaining Romanian citizenship based on the Romanian Citizenship Law no. 21/1991.

In order to regain Romanian citizenship, you must collect the civil status documents that prove your kinship with the people based on whom you request the regaining of Romanian citizenship.

If your documents or those of your ancestors are not in order or contain errors, you will need to get their duplicates from the Civil Status Office. It is especially important to carefully check the correctness of the data in the documents, as any errors or discrepancies can lead to the rejection of the case by authorities.

After the documents are checked and corrected the entire package of documents is legalized at a notary, and then the apostille is applied on each document in the case, including legalized copies.

Subsequently, you must schedule in advance to submit the case for regaining Romanian citizenship, either at the headquarters of the National Authority for Citizenship in Romania or at one of the Romanian consulates abroad.
How can you avoid wasting time in the process of regaining Romanian citizenship?

With the help of JustConsult this entire process becomes much simpler.

The company checks whether you have all the necessary documents and analyzes them to ensure they are correct. If they identify errors in your documents, they take care of correcting the data.

Also, the company performs the advance scheduling and organizes the departure to Romania to submit the file at ANC. JustConsult has its own comfortable and safe transport, so you can get to Romania on time and without problems.

The JustConsult team will guide you through all subsequent stages - taking the oath, transcribing civil status documents, and perfecting the Romanian passport or identity card.
The most requested services of the company are:
  • Preparation and filing of Romanian citizenship case;
  • Romanian citizenship through court in 10 - 15 months;
  • Scheduling for taking the oath;
  • Transcription of Romanian birth and marriage certificate;
  • Romanian identity card
  • Romanian passport in a minimum of 5 days;
  • Conversion of Moldovan driving license to Romanian;
  • Allowances for children with Romanian citizenship;
  • Round trip transport to Romania of business-class category;
With JustConsult, the process of regaining Romanian citizenship becomes much easier. Also, you will have the certainty that the procedure is followed in accordance with the law.

Don't let bureaucratic barriers limit your dreams and aspirations. Call JustConsult and let their experts guide you through the process of obtaining a Romanian passport!

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