The new look of the marathon – Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon 2022

We, the marathon organizers, cannot stay away from the tragic events that are taking place in our neighboring country. The Moldovans reached out to their Ukrainian brothers, and opened their homes and hearts in difficult times. That is why Moldova has rightly been called “a Small Country with a Big Heart”.

And the Chisinau Marathon, being a trademark of our country, will be different starting this year. It is now called Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon – the Chisinau Marathon of Big Hearts.

We have a new logo, new medals and a new mission – every year, to provide help to those who need it most and donate a part of the proceeds.

This year we invite you to run in support of Ukraine, helping to rebuild Ukrainian cities.
We invite all of our runners with a big heart. Everybody, who didn’t have a chance to run the Kyiv marathon this year, the Ukrainians from Diaspora around the world, those from Moldova, and everybody, who cares – we invite you to the start on September 24-25 on one of the distances: 42 km, 21 km, 10 km or 5 km. Let’s use kindness to make a difference!

As for us, we will try to make this start special and bright.
Because together we are a Small Country with a Big Heart. 

Register for the race here: