Who said running barefoot is hard?

On September 13, Simpals employees, led by Dmitry Voloshin, decided to go to the Dendrariu Park for a “barefoot” training to see for themselves that barefoot running is, in fact, easy.
Before the start of training, Dmitry Voloshin, who is going to conquer the marathon distance barefoot on September 30, running 42 km like a pacemaker for 4 hours, spoke about what barefoot running is and how he came to it. He shared his experience of running, pointed out that barefoot running hurts the ligaments less, as a person automatically starts to run correctly - on his toes. Simpals employees listened incredulously, but after the warm-up and the first meters of running, they got carried away: first they ran on asphalt, and then switched to running on grass.

One of the participants in the training slightly injured her foot, Voloshin assured that any runner has minor injuries at any distance.
The result of the "barefoot" training, or as the Simpals people joked - "bossa nova", was 3 km, which for many turned out to be unusually difficult.

You can find out more about the training by looking at the full photo report. And on September 30, do not miss the grandiose sports festival in the very heart of Chisinau - the fourth International Chisinau Marathon. Register on and come with your family, friends and like-minded people! Run because it's easy!