OM - I make the decisions

Every marathon always involves extensive and rigorous training. Therefore, inadequate preparation can have detrimental effects on your health. One of the most crucial aspects to bear in mind for a positive exercise experience is maintaining proper hydration.

The OM brand champions a wholesome lifestyle through self-respect and self-care. OM focuses on each individual and their personal commitment to well-being. Consequently, the brand is dedicated to its overarching mission - "to establish Moldova as a comfortable and accessible environment for embracing a healthy lifestyle". We are actively engaged in shaping a society capable of thoughtful decision-making and proactive life participation. This is evident in every facet of OM's efforts, spanning from sports facilities to pure, high-quality, and healthy water.
Hence, the brand's primary slogan - "I make the decisions"

There are choices that solely we can make, particularly when it concerns our health.

Consequently, OM water symbolizes free individuals empowered to make daily health-conscious decisions. Whether engaged in training or just walking around the city, adhering to a routine of consistent water consumption throughout the day constitutes an important step towards self-care. OM water serves as a steadfast companion regardless of circumstances or weather conditions, providing a recommended source of daily hydration for both adults and children.

The brand consistently endorses sporting events and individuals committed to embracing wellness, which is why this year OM has proudly partnered with the Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon. As the brand itself underscores, their purpose is to foster an emancipated and health-conscious society, wherein every individual embraces accountability for their life and autonomously elects to prioritize their health and overall quality of life.