Moldcell: Beyond Telco

For over two decades, Moldcell has been at the forefront of implementing innovative technologies and exploring new business models to bring a limitless digital experience to our customers. As a reliable provider of connectivity services, our success is attributed to our team of extraordinary people and a reliable network.
At Moldcell we bring the whole world in your hands to enjoy life even more
During 23 years, their mission to become more than just a telecom operator remains unchanged. In line with our vision, we aim to become the number one #DigitallyHuman operator. To achieve this goal, we have developed a strategic direction that emphasizes expanding our operating market and increasing customer loyalty. Through the synergy of our entire ecosystem, we are exploring new industries such as fintech and various digital solutions.
Moldcell commitment to provide the best possible experience to our subscribers is evident in our solid market standing. Our customer-centric approach has resulted in a lot of loyal users, and we go above and beyond to reward our customers with exclusive discounts, promotions and personalized offers.
At Moldcell, we believe that a strong synergy within our ecosystem is essential to provide our valued customers with the best possible digital experience. From mobile services and business solutions to apps, devices, Internet Fix + TV and financial services, we offer a full range of products and services that work together seamlessly. Our ecosystem also includes innovative digital solutions such as M-DOC, e-Contract, eSim, My Moldcell app and solutions for business customers, all launched with care for the environment and for our subscribers' needs.
As part of our commitment to providing innovative solutions to our customers, Moldcell is constantly exploring new industries to expand our offerings and provide greater value. We have taken an important step in this direction with the launch of Moldcell Money, the first mobile wallet service in the Moldovan telecommunications market.

As the first and only service of its kind, Moldcell Money allows our subscribers to easily manage their finances, make payments and transfers directly from their mobile devices.
Our journey to become the #1 DIGITALLYHUMAN service provider by 2030 is not just about technology, but also about people and social responsibility. We recognize that technology is just a tool that helps people connect, develop, and take control of their lives. Our commitment to being #DigitallyHuman is reflected not only in our services, our employees’ growth and wellbeing but also in the activities of the Moldcell Foundation, which draw inspiration from the philanthropic initiatives of the Chaudhary Foundation and our social responsibility projects.
Moldcell Foundation is dedicated to supporting digital transformation projects that align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. By providing support for social, educational, business, innovative, and research projects, the Foundation strives to improve the lives of citizens and advance digital transformation through technology, financial assistance, and expertise.

The projects of Moldcell Foundation: "Digital Skills Connect Generations" and "Digital Inclusion for Social Services and E-Health" aim to improve the digital skills of elderly people in rural areas of the country. Additionally, the Foundation promotes social entrepreneurship through the Social Entrepreneurship School for NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) youth. These projects reflect Moldcell commitment to using technology to improve citizens' lives and promote digital transformation in the community.

Moldcell Foundation also promotes the safe and responsible use of the internet through its educational project and interactive platform #InternetFărăGriji (#InternetWithoutWorries). In addition to these projects, Moldcell Foundation is a proud partner of the Creative Companies Association of Moldova and a co-financier of the Artcor Creative Industries Development Center.

The People of Moldcell are the driving force behind these efforts, playing a key role in building connections, empowering growth, and creating essential change for a better life.

Through our commitment to become the number one #DigitallyHuman operator, we not only shape the future of telecommunications, but also contribute to the improvement of the society as a whole.