First Chisinau Marathon 2015: 10 000 people go down in history!

Now, when the first Chisinau International Marathon has already thundered (we cannot say otherwise), and the emotions have calmed down a little, we can reckon up this sporting event that became historical for our city and country.

So, 10 thousand people! 10 thousand people came out to the start line on the 26th of April, 1000 of them ran 10, 21 and 42 km races. Reviewing the video of the start, shot from the air, even we, organizers, are surprised about the scale of the event passed. The tears are springing up in the eyes, and our skin is crawling…
Active training for the race began at the Piata Marii Adunari Square on the 26th of April, at 12:00 a.m. The arc of start and finish were erected, separating fences were installed and the last organizational matters were finished. At 4:00 a.m. the works on arrangement of the whole route began. The route started from the crossroad of Stefan cel Mare Avenue with Toma Ciorba Street and continued on Ciuflea Street, up to the crossroad of Dacia Avenue with Trandafirilor Street and back.
Already at 7:00 the first issuing point of start packages was opened for those participants, who didn’t manage to get their packages before. The anchorman MC Mike began its entertainment show on the stage and the runners began making their way to the start line.
The Piata Marii Adunari Square were crowded very quickly with people in funny marathon T-shirts, supporters, parents, friends and relatives. Here is a mother who is giving good words to her child that is going to run FunRun 3 km race… Here is a group of friends, laughing and happily discussing something before the start of the race. Here is a concentrated marathon runner, who is going to overcome 42 km heroically… Everybody, is so different, but united with one passion – RUN.
26th of April is a memorable date. This is the day when the Chernobyl Atomic Power Station exploded. In 2015, we have 29thanniversary since this terrible event occurred. That is why before the start of Chisinau International Marathon start, the march in the honor of the post-accident cleanup participants went along Stefan cel Mare Avenue. The runners applauded the column.
Such people as Dorin Chirtoaca, Chisinau Municipality General Mayor, Serghei Afanasenco, Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova, and Dmitri Voloshin, Lead Manager of Chisinau Marathon and President of Public Organization, delivered an opening speech at the official opening ceremony.
And here, alignment, ready, steady, go and… shot! Joint start was given at 11:00. The longest stream of people that spread far beyond Banulescu Bodoni Street pulled away. The start itself lasted for several minutes
Then, the events came thick and fast. 15 minutes had not elapsed when the first Fun Run participants finished. The winners were awarded, and again finish – 10 km race. The winner of this race became Roman Prodius, a famous Moldovan sportsman who will represent our country at 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. His official time is 0:33:07.
Within one minute the finish line was crossed by Ivan Siuris and Maxim Raileanu, silver and bronze winners.
Among women in 10 km race Natalia Cherkes (0:40:51), Iulia Tcaceva (0:46:04) and Diana Livadaru (0:49:17) got on the victory podium.
Moreover, Petrom Moldova, the General Sponsor of Chisinau International Marathon, awarded the top ten who finished in “men” and “women” categories.
Also, in the interval between the finishes of 10 km and 21 km races the owners of the most original costumes were awarded (we ourselves were captivated by a young man in the costume of …trash bin. It seemed to us all the time that he was trying to steal one of the trash bins from the square :)) ).

Nicolay Gorbushko from Tiraspol became the winner of half-Marathon distance. He ran 21 km for 1:09:32. Mihail Bizniuc, who became the second, was in two minutes behind him. And Roman Ciobanu, the third winner, came to finish for just several seconds later.
Among women, Olesea Smovjenco, who represented Tiraspol, won with total time: 1:29:15. The second place was taken by Natalia Clipca and the third place by Natalia Ceban.
The top ten among men and women was also awarded by Petrom Moldova.
Now, there was agonizing wait of the main heroes of the day, who dared to run 42 km 195 m. “Go, go, go!”, screamed volunteers and audience to the sportsmen, who, despite unmerciful heat, continued running to the finish line. Here are the last turning, one more kilometer, and it is not far off! There, far away, the first finishers appeared. Applauses!
Vitalii Gheorghita became the winner of the first Chisinau International Marathon. His time was 2:42:11. Sport is all about seconds… So, only 6 seconds separated Ghennadie Timbalist from the first place! Igor Timbalari finished the third (2:51:58).
By the way, Dmitri Voloshin, the Lead Manager of the Marathon, who climbed the stage immediately after his 42 km race finish, awarded the winners.
“Remember these names! This is history! I want thank all professional sportsmen who preferred our Marathon to any foreign one, that bring income to them. Thank to all runners, who came to support us, to everybody, who took part in the organization. From now the Chisinau International Marathon will be held every year and with every year this event will be more global and global”, summarized Dmitri Voloshin.
Among women only 9 people finished the marathon distance. And Alexandra Kirillova, from Odessa, won. It took her 3:33:50 to run this distance. The second became Olga Polyanskaya, who also came from Odessa, with the result 3:42:07. Ukrainian victory’s podium was dissolved by Valentina Delion from Chisinau. Her result was 3:59:30.
Vadim Jeleaskov, the participant of Marathon race, made the most powerful finish. He took on his knees and proposed his beloved, Irina, several meters before the finish line. “I understood that I didn’t want to run single. I want you to run with me all my life”, with such words the participant of the marathon finished his race. And after she said “Yes”, the young people finished together holding their hands.
Dji, unlucky death pacemaker, was the last who crossed the finish line with the result 6:00:00. Finally, he ran to the finish and got his honestly earned medal. At that, the first Chisinau International Marathon was announced closed.
So, somehow like this…
If speak about statistics, there were about 10 000 participants. The representatives of 30 countries were among them. The team of 30 managers worked tirelessly several months for this event to take place. 250 volunteers were involved on the day of marathon holding. The team of 12 referees from the Federation of the Athletics of the Republic of Moldova watched the results to be exact. About dozens of people gave their support and help in solving organizational problems. Certainly, the Chisinau International Marathon couldn’t be hold without the sponsor support of Petrom Moldova, as General Partner, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova.
Hurrah! We did it!
You can find more photos on the official page in Facebook.
Detailed statistics:
42 km
  • Finished the race: 100
  • Men = 91
  • Women = 9
  • Did not finish = 32
  • Did not come out to the start line = 8
  • Total registered = 140
21 km
  • Finished the race: 271
  • Men = 215
  • Women = 56
  • Did not finish = 45
  • Did not come out to the start line = 28
  • Total registered = 345
10 km
  • Finished the race: 714
  • Men = 506
  • Women = 208
  • Did not finish = 29
  • Did not come out to the start line = 173
  • Total registered = 914
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