Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon-2023: How was it?

We did it! It was not easy, but we did our best to make the heartiest marathon resonate throughout the Moldovan capital and the whole world. The event became a trademark of Moldova and a magnet for running enthusiasts from all over the world.

To make this sporting event bright and memorable, it took the concerted work of our entire team. We have been toiling for days on end so that you could run your distance and get a charge of a positive mood.

Preparations for the marathon began about a year ago. Of course, this is not the first sporting event we have been running and organizing. But this time everything was new, and therefore everything was not easy. However, it was worth it! By scope and level of organizing our marathon is not worse than similar events in other countries.
We started preparing for the marathon by planning and discussing who would be responsible for the start, finish, hydration points, relaxation zone, and who would work with the press and photographers, and where and what would be located.

Then we started to develop a unique design of medals, T-shirts and backpacks for the participants. You must admit that the marathon paraphernalia turned out great! The design of the medal deserves special attention, because this honorable and unique award reflects the spirit of the "Big Hearts Marathon": together we are power.
The most active stage in the preparation of the marathon started about two months before the event. We literally thought every day about what could be improved and added to what had already been done. In addition, organizational work consumed a lot of effort, because so many things had to be coordinated with local authorities. A large-scale marathon is always a change in the usual city life. Some streets are closed, traffic is changed, etc. Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon was no exception, and it took us a lot of time and effort to work out all these issues. As a result, we ensured safety and comfortable conditions for each of the event participants.
With only one week left before the marathon, the time countdown was not by days, but by hours. Overcoming anxiety, calming and encouraging each other, we came to the venue every day, visualized how and what was going to happen, recalled what we didn't have time to do, and worked on what could interfere with the marathon. As it turned out, we were able to foresee everything and eliminate all the bloopers – the event ran smoothly!
And then came the last Thursday before the marathon, and we hid our anxiety away, because we had to meet with commercial partners. The organizers and partners discussed marathon-related details. The partners were satisfied and the preparation of the event entered the last stretch.

When one day was left before the marathon, it turned out that some things were not done, and some things should be redone. In short, there was almost no time left, and there were so many things to do that we had to work both day and night. What saved us was the fact that everyone worked in an orderly manner and without fuss. Each of us was busy doing something specific and realized that everything depended on them at that moment.

When the city fell asleep, the organizers got a second wind. And then the real magic began. When the stage and the start arch were installed over the start camp, we realized that we were really ready to go.
It was Saturday – the long-awaited day, when runners of all ages started coming to the main square of Chisinau to take part in the exhilarating Fun Run. By 12 o'clock, the organizers handed over the running baton to the children who took part in the Big Hearts Kids Marathon. Each of them outlined their goal – the distance they should run.
On the last night before the marathon, the city was gradually falling asleep, while we could only dream of sleep. That's okay, we slept well after the event. And that night the organizers got a second wind, and everything they had not managed to do before was done at an accelerated pace. Together with the police we prepared the entire city – worked hard on hydration points, street closures and other organizational moments.

And then came day X, for which we had been preparing for a whole year. The third day without sleep, we stood on the square and eagerly awaited the first participant. When all the runners were gathered, the lineup began and we solemnly gave the start to the biggest event of the year.
Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon-2023 was a success! It was very crowded, exciting and vibey. All participants as well as fans were satisfied. And most importantly, we all had the opportunity to unite our hearts after the race. By tradition, we took a final photo with the whole team to capture this powerful moment.
And now, with peace of mind, we announce early booking for Chisinau Big Hearts Marathon 2024!