Petrom - more than a gas station

Long gone are the days when Petrom stations were just about fuels. Here, you refuel with positive emotions, sort out your thoughts, set your priorities, and recharge with energy for a new day, for a fresh start. Petrom recognizes your time as an invaluable asset and appreciates your choice. Here, you will always find the best fuels and the best coffee. Petrom makes no compromises when it comes to quality: the quality of fuels, service quality, equipment quality, and product quality.
Petrom - the taste of the journey. Start your journey with Petrom and VIVA coffee.
At Petrom, the quality of coffee is just as important as that of the fuels. Only at Petrom stations can you enjoy the aroma of your favorite coffee, delicious snacks, and a pleasant ambiance. Every day at Petrom, there's a selection of sandwiches, pies, pastries, and VIVA coffee, all fresh and made with love.
The morning coffee, like today, is irreplaceable, unique, and unparalleled. It sets the tone for the day, and either it is successful or it remains on the table. At Petrom, every cup of VIVA coffee is made from carefully selected coffee beans from the traditional Gimoka roasters in the Lake Como area. The unique and harmonious aroma is the result of over 30 years of coffee roasting experience. VIVA Classic coffee is the perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. It surprises you with a delicate characteristic aroma, with notes of malt, nuts, and chocolate, and a balanced taste. Unlike the classic version, VIVA Single Origin Guatemala 100% Arabica offers a different taste experience, another aroma, a new destination in the coffee aroma journey. Single origin coffee beans are roasted less compared to other bean blends, highlighting the rich fruity aromas of the coffee.
No matter which aroma you choose today, VIVA Coffee is always freshly prepared from the best ethically grown beans, roasted in the typical Italian style specifically for Petrom. All this to let you enjoy the unique taste of VIVA Coffee, specially prepared for Petrom.
Moreover, to unveil and leverage the full spectrum of VIVA coffee aromas, Petrom has invested in the most efficient coffee machines and employee training. They received training from the most renowned barista in Romania and one of the best in the world - Paul Ungureanu. The Romanian expert introduced unique coffee preparation techniques, as well as the proper storage of beans and the correct use of coffee technology and machines.
Thus, a simple cup of coffee becomes a treat for the senses, an experience where aromas seem to wake the world from sleep and prepare the soul for a new day full of possibilities. With every sip, the coffee brings you a dose of energy and clarity, preparing you for the challenges and adventures ahead.
Don't miss the start, begin your day at Petrom.
Choose to start your day at Petrom, and the morning coffee will become a sanctuary, a quiet moment before entering the fast pace of the day, a stimulant for your creativity and focus, to organize plans and actions. It will give you the courage to face challenges and turn the day into a success. It's your time, a precious moment where you can connect with your own thoughts and emotions.
Fill up at Petrom stations, ensure a beautiful start to your day, live it fully and productively.
Petrom - put Moldova in motion!