Decade of Achievements: Memorable Moments at Chisinau Marathon

The Chisinau Marathon has become a landmark event in the sports world, marking memorable moments throughout its 10 years of existence. Year after year, this event has managed to attract thousands of participants from various corners of the globe, each edition bringing with it emotions, achievements, and unforgettable memories. On September 29, 2024, the Chisinau Marathon will celebrate its 10th anniversary, a special occasion to honor the impressive accomplishments and moments from the past decade.
A notable moment occurred in 2018 when the M4ALL category for parasport athletes was introduced. This initiative opened new opportunities and demonstrated that sports are accessible to everyone, regardless of physical challenges. It was a true celebration of inclusion and competitive spirit.
Also in 2018, Benjamin Serem set a new course record, completing the marathon in an impressive time of 2:16:39. His performance remains a benchmark of excellence and a source of inspiration for all runners.
One of the early editions of the marathon featured an extremely romantic moment – a marriage proposal celebrated during the event. This occurrence added a personal and emotional touch, showing that the Chisinau Marathon is more than just a sports competition.
The event has also been a catalyst for forming a strong running community. Through the Chisinau Marathon, many people have discovered the joy of running and formed lasting connections, sharing a passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle.
For each participant, the first marathon in Chisinau is a memorable moment. The emotions at the start, the effort throughout the course, and the satisfaction at the finish line create unforgettable memories. The medals received at the finish are symbols of determination and hard work, becoming precious souvenirs of personal achievements.
Supporters along the route add unique energy to the event. Every cheer, every applause, every shout of encouragement contributes to the vibrant atmosphere of the marathon, turning the race into a true celebration of the human spirit.
The first Chisinau Marathon organized in 2015 was undoubtedly a milestone. It marked the beginning of a tradition that has grown and developed over the years, becoming a prestigious sporting event recognized internationally.
Over the years, the Chisinau Marathon has attracted participants from 52 countries worldwide. The cultural and international diversity of the event adds a global dimension, transforming Chisinau into a true center of performance sports.
Each edition of the marathon brings something special, whether it's new records, emotional moments, or the vibrant community that gathers to celebrate sports. The Chisinau Marathon is not just a competition; it's a complex experience filled with memorable moments that inspire and unite people from all corners of the world. In 2024, on September 29, this tradition will be honored at the 10th anniversary of the Chisinau Marathon, promising an unforgettable celebration for all participants and supporters. Join us!