OM Kids keeps children at the forefront

When discussing the consumption of a specific quantity of water throughout the day, our focus consistently centers on adults. However, it remains equally significant to instill in children the importance of remembering to hydrate. This applies whether they are on the move, at home, attending school or daycare, engaged in physical activities, or simply going about their daily routines. Such instruction empowers children to adopt judicious choices concerning their well-being.

OM Kids lends its support to children across their diverse activities and collaborates with perinatal centers, medical practitioners, various public establishments, and the corporate sector. OM Kids effectively underscores the notion that prioritizing water intake and health maintenance isn't exclusive to adults; commencing this practice early holds substantial significance.

Opting for consistent hydration throughout the day constitutes an individual's most health-conscious decision. OM water holds certification as suitable drinking water for both adults and children. This is of great importance, as not all water variants are endorsed by the Ministry of Health as appropriate for children.

From the outset, the OM brand made pivotal determinations concerning water composition, sourcing, technology and oversight, flavor, and the attestation of OM water's quality. A focal point was ensuring the water's mineral content reached 1000 mg per liter, a quantity of active components adequate to stimulate essential processes without overburdening the body. The choice was resolute in favor of purely natural origins for the water. To this end, all procedures were fully automated, precluding any human interference.

The quality of OM water remains under the meticulous scrutiny of two laboratories: one for microbiological analysis and the other for chemical assessment.

OM Kids constitutes an initiative that consistently keeps children at the forefront. Recognizing the imperative for children to drink water for wholesome growth, the project actively supports youth participating in athletic pursuits. The endeavor goes beyond water quality, extending to provision of specialized 0.33-liter bottles featuring sports-oriented caps. This strategic measure aims to foster a health-conscious society in Moldova where every individual, including the youngest members, recognizes their accountability for personal well-being and autonomously embraces decisions conducive to a healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life.