Chisinau Marathon is a sports event of international caliber

With each passing year, Chisinau Marathon becomes a magnet for passionate runners from around the world, turning Moldova into a tourist destination for this internationally acclaimed sports event. The 2023 edition gathered participants from 25 countries, setting a record for diversity.
From the neighboring country, Romania, the largest number of runners was present, around 70 participants. The second destination from which participants come to enjoy the atmosphere of Chisinau Marathon is the USA. In 2023, 24 runners from across the Atlantic participated. Italy had 22 participants contributing to the international atmosphere of Chisinau Marathon.
But diversity doesn't stop here. Participants from Mexico, Denmark, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Austria, Norway, Sweden, France, Sudan, the Czech Republic, Spain, Canada, Poland, Egypt and others added a unique international charm to the event. It is a true celebration of cultures and the sporting spirit that transcends borders.
For the 2024 edition, Chisinau Marathon eagerly awaits to welcome runners from all corners of the world, continuing to create memories and celebrating its tenth anniversary on September 29. Together, we will celebrate the spirit of the marathon and international diversity, friendship, and personal achievements. Register now and let's make unforgettable moments for everyone at Chisinau Marathon 2024!