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The world’s most unusual running races

For those who consider usual running races boring and uninteresting, there are still running competitions that can delight anyone! How about going over the track while tasting chocolate, being pursued by zombies or running disguised as Mickey Mouse?

Running is a healthy and beneficial activity for everyone, but sometimes it is so tedious and tiresome that many refuse to engage in such races. That is why in the world there are also "different" running competitions, some out of the ordinary, overturning stereotypes related to this sport. Only those who know how to combine sport with adventure and those who are always ready to accept challenges will participate in such events!

Below we selected 7 of the most unusual running races in the world:

Tenerife Blue Trail - the Canary Islands (Spain)

This is certainly one of the most difficult and dangerous races in the world. Runners start at sea level and then rise to a level of 3,500 meters, having a great occasion to enjoy the beautiful scenery up to Mount Teide - Spain's highest peak. Although it’s a very tough event, athletes with different fitness level and condition can participate, since the organizers also provide distances for disabled sportsmen (102K-66K-43K-20K and 8K-3.7K-1.2K respectively).

Hot Chocolate Race ─ San Francisco, Chicago, Houston (USA)

A really sweet 15-km race! The competition is "bathed" in chocolate, starting with the chocolate bars issued to participants throughout the course and ending with the chocolate medals, which are offered to winners at the finish line.

Walt Disney Marathon ─ Orlando (USA)

This is a truly magical marathon. Every year, in Orlando Walt Disney Park, thousands of runners from around the world gather to give life to a fairy tale. Participants overcome the distance with Disney cartoon characters and even get into their skin (or costume). A real fairy tale!

The Color Run, or „the happiest 5,000 meters on the planet”

The most colorful race in the world is based on a simple idea: runners are dressed in white, but by the time they finish, they are colored from head to toe (the more color on, the better). Along the course, runners are are showered with colored powder. This competition has no winners, the main prize is positive emotions and new people you get to know. The event takes place several times a year in various countries around the world.

Marathon du Medoc ─ Bordeaux (France)

Participants in the event run through ancient castles, among architectural monuments and vineyards. They also have the opportunity to enjoy wines and French cuisine at 23 tasting stops along the course. At this marathon, competition is not the main point. What matters is that each participant manages to taste everything until he or she reaches the finish line.

„Run For Your Lives” Obstacle Course - Dublin (Ireland)

A 5-km race with totally unexpected obstacles: blood, zombies and monsters! Before starting, each participant receives a three-tag belt, which one shall avoid losing until the end of the race.

The participants’ mission is to reach the finish line and escape from the monsters, who will attempt to steal their tags throughout the route and force them to give up the race. The courageous ones, who manage to reach the finish line, are awarded with commemorative medals.

So, sports can be useful, fun and, at the same time, arouse indescribable emotions!

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