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Practice sports together with “OM” drinking water

Drinking water for children "OM Kids" is the partner of the KIDS RUN DAY 2018, which will be held on September 29, within the fourth Chisinau International Marathon.

Kids are always ready for adventure! Water in unique bottles was manufactured for the most active. Whatever your child is doing - studying, relaxing or even playing - OM Kids water is always at hand.

A new colorful label and a lid, which can be easily open, were created specially for children.

OM Kids manufacturer wants to help all children be daily inspired to reach goals and grow healthy, smart and strong, so that one day they become happy adults.

OM Kids - exclusively for children.

As a reminder, young sportsmen race KIDS RUN DAY 2018 will take place on September 29th. Participants were offered 4 courses, depending on the age category: 400 meters (5-6 years), 800 meters (7-9 years), 1200 meters (10-12 years) and 2000 meters (13-14 years). To register and learn more about the KIDS RUN DAY 2018, click the link  www.marathon.md.