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Places for preparation for the marathon: where can you take a run in Chisinau?

The spring is getting closer, which means it’s time to prepare for the second International Chisinau Marathon, which will be held on April 17, 2016.

To have a proper preparation for the marathon, you should choose a place for regular trainings. Especially for all athletes, the coach of the running club Sporter Run Liviu Croitoru recommends the best places in Chisinau, in every area of the city, where each of you can train to get ready for conquering Chisinau Marathon.

So, where you can run in Chisinau?

For those, who prefer runing around the park and forest zones


  • – Valea Morilor Park – the distance around the lake is about 2.5km. If you run through the forest, the distance increases to almost 3.5 km (map)
  • – Dendrarium Park – the small circle is about 3.5 km and the large circle is about 5 km (map)
  • – Forest between Buiucani and Sculeni – the  distance is about 3 km (map)
  • – The park “La Izvor” – the distance around the lake is about 3 km (map)


  • – Rose Valley – the small lake is about 1.5 km, the middle-sized lake is about 2 km, and the large lake is about 3 km (map)
  • – Botanical Garden – the distance is about 5 km (map)
  • – Lake “Vosimerka” – the distance  around the park is about 10 km, and around the lake – about 3 km (map)

Riscani/Ciocana/Posta Veche

  • – Forest Riscani – Ciocana – about 2 km and 4 km, the distance around the park along the road is about 7 km (map)
  • – Forest Riscani – Posta Veche – a distance of about 5 km (map)
  • – The park “Boris Glavan” – a distance of about 1.5 km (map)

For those who like to run on the roads


– The road towards the airport, Dacia blvd. (map)

– Cricova highway, Calea Orheiului str. – Cricova (map)

– Bacioi highway (map)

– Hincesti highway (map)

– Ungheni – Chisinau highway (map)

Liviu Croitoru advises not to run around the city, where the traffic lights are located, because you will have to stop every kilometer at the traffic lights. It is best to run on wide roads that lead out of the city.

And where do you like to run?

Please note that coaches Liviu Croitoru and Vitaly Gheorghita are conducting jogging workouts during the week, which are intended for everyone, both beginners and enthusiasts.

Read more about trainings

David Lutsyk for marathon.md