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Naturalis juice making the 10-km race more juicy

Naturalis has become title partner for the 10-km distance of the fourth Chisinau International Marathon, due on September 30, 2018, in the capital of Moldova.

Naturalis is a popular brand of natural juices and nectars. The brand presents a wide range of available products in a convenient package. Naturalis is the perfect choice for those who are health-conscious.

Orhei-Vit made the first package of Naturalis juice back in 2007. A wide range of products, a variety of packaging options and excellent taste helped to obtain consumer preferences for Naturalis products. The brand is in constant evolution – the product range is supplemented by delicious and beneficial new products. Today it is the most popular juice brand in Moldova, which is illustrated by the market share and the numerous awards, such as “Trademark of the Year”, and other international awards.

The marketplace for Naturalis juice and nectars comprises over 30 countries from 4 parts of the world, including: Romania, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Lithuania, Estonia, Cameroon, Ghana and other. Today, Naturalis is among the most exported brands made in Moldova.

Naturalis was the first brand in Moldova to go for FSC-certified cardboard packaging. FSC certification ensures responsible management of forests, which means eventual restoration of the forest, its healthy development and preservation of the entire diversity of flora and fauna. Naturalis is a constant partner for kids’ and sporting events in Moldova.

Juices and nectars

For fall 2018, Naturalis has prepared some juicy news! порадует новинкой. The product range will be supplemented by 3 new Cool Life tastes - apple-lemon, tropical and wild berries. These tastes have won a high appraisal of consumers in the countries of Southern Europe and Asia, and will now become available to a wider audience in all sales markets of Naturalis brand.

Naturalis products are present at all large-scale events organized by Sporter and by the largest sports federations of the country.

Naturalis – for the next champions!

To recap, Chisinau International Marathon 2018 will be held on September 30 in Chisinau. Everybody interested in participation can learn more about the sporting event and register at marathon.md.