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Iute Credit: join the fun at the Fun Run!

The fastest and most convenient credit company Iute Credit became the title partner of Fun Run, which will be held within Chisinau International Marathon 2018.

Fun Run by Iute Credit is a fun large-scale race for 1.5 km. Anyone can participate, in any outfit (bold costumes and characters are welcome), regardless of age and absolutely free of charge.

At the start, Fun Run by Iute Credit participants will receive a T-shirt as a gift.

The mission of Iute Credit is to be the fastest and most convenient credit company in Moldova!

Iute Credit combines its values with the values of the athlete, who stresses the importance of:

  • self- and other people’s inspiration;

  • example to people;

  • speed;

  • unity with society.

Iute Credit values:

  • providing assistance always  and  everywhere, across the country;

  • being a friend to someone who needs it; first of all, to those who apply for financial support;

  • making quick decisions about financial support - just within 8 minutes;

  • helping community growth across the country - over 200,000 people;

  • and the most important value: because you can do anything!

You can do anything that comes to your mind! For example, run a half marathon or buy a car with Iute Credit’s support.

As a reminder, Chisinau International Marathon 2018 will be held on September 30, in the capital of Moldova.

Register at the site www.marathon.md to take part in the races.