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A training was held in the lead-up to Chisinau International Marathon

There is less than a month left until the greatest sporting event of year 2018 – Chisinau International Marathon. So we have very little time to prepare and train our muscles and minds for the long-awaited running race.

Every Sunday, Sporter organizes training sessions for sports lovers and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. You’re welcome! The training is absolutely free. Moreover, during each physical training event, we will hold a raffle for those present. So besides a good dose of health and good mood, you have a chance to get a prize from one of our trusted partners.

Just take a look at when and where the trainings will take place: 

 9 September

Place: Botanical Garden

Time: 08.00

Our partner Garmin will come with a gift, and the coaches from Sporter will help you cope with the Chisinau International Marathon. 

● 16 September

Time: 08.00

Information on the location will be published later on the official page of the event. 

● 23 September

Place: Arboretum park

Time: 08.00

Tic-tac! That’s going to be the last training in the lead-up to Chisinau International Marathon. Don’t miss it! And yes, a prize from Garmin is in store for you! 

Chisinau International Marathon is due on September 30, on the main streets of the capital. Registration for the contest is still available at marathon.md.